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Facial Hydration

With Winter out of the way, my skin is starting to become not so dry, it's not need in a moisturiser top up three times a day and last night I made a break-through and I actually managed to go a whole night without anything on, my skin is falling into the 'normal' skin category as it does every summer.  Nevertheless, I still need hydration for my skin, as does anyone no matter your skin type, especially when I'm wearing a full face of make-up for a long time. I'm currently using two different moisturisers and this is what's good about them...

Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser, (£20.25.)

I have this for dry/sensitive skin, but there's also an option for those of you with normal/oily skin. It's rich in natural ingredients which also give it that lovely signature Liz Earle smell.
I cleanse, tone and then apply this, I've found it's great for balancing my skin tone out, smoothing my skin and making it baby soft.
This comes in both a jar and a tube with pump if you'd prefer, there's also a 15ml tube for only £8.00 if you want to give it a trial run first! I opted for the jar because I hate not knowing how much product I have left in a tube.
I've never encountered any problems with this, I only have about five applications of it left and I will be re-purchasing, it didn't irritate my sensitive skin at all and unlike some moisturisers for dry skin, it's not too greasy to the point it takes a long period of time to soak in properly. It absorbs very quickly.
When the cold weather hits and my skin begins to feel tight, this will always be my first little helper. The only downside to this is that I feel that a little does not go a long way and I find myself dipping back into the jar several times to cover my whole face.

The other moisturiser is the newest addition to my skincare routine, it's the La Roche-Posay, Rosaliac AR Intense Serum, (£18.00)

Prior to this I was using the Murad Redness Therapy (£33.00), which I found not to be hydrating enough at all for my winter skin condition. I thought over this La Roche-Posay option for a while and around two weeks ago I finally picked up at Boots.
This one is so much more hydrating than the Murad, definitely more suitable for dry skin (and normal.) (I'd opt for the Murad option if you have oily skin!)
Despite the bottle saying this is a serum, I do just use it as a moisturiser, I apply it under make-up and after my routine at night, I only reach for this if I see any areas of redness around my nose and cheeks, otherwise I'll just use my Liz Earle.
The results are evident and within an hour redness has completely disappeared, this moisturiser also only takes 2 little pumps to cover my entire face because the gel formula spreads out so well.

Another point written on the box for this was the 'anti-relapse' effect it would supposedly have, meaning, basically the more you use this, over time you should notice a difference long term in the amount of redness in your skin.

The only downside with this one is the smell, it really doesn't have a great smell but I suppose it's worth it for the result, especially if you seem to freak out at the smallest amount like I do. I like to have an anti-redness product because I use such lightweight foundations with little coverage, or some days a tinted moisturiser, so I need my skin to be the best it can be naturally.

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