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Facial Hydration

With Winter out of the way, my skin is starting to become not so dry, it's not need in a moisturiser top up three times a day and last night I made a break-through and I actually managed to go a whole night without anything on, my skin is falling into the 'normal' skin category as it does every summer.  Nevertheless, I still need hydration for my skin, as does anyone no matter your skin type, especially when I'm wearing a full face of make-up for a long time. I'm currently using two different moisturisers and this is what's good about them...

Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser, (£20.25.)

I have this for dry/sensitive skin, but there's also an option for those of you with normal/oily skin. It's rich in natural ingredients which also give it that lovely signature Liz Earle smell.
I cleanse, tone and then apply this, I've found it's great for balancing my skin tone out, smoothing my skin and making it baby soft.
This comes in both a jar and a tube with pump if you'd prefer, there's also a 15ml tube for only £8.00 if you want to give it a trial run first! I opted for the jar because I hate not knowing how much product I have left in a tube.
I've never encountered any problems with this, I only have about five applications of it left and I will be re-purchasing, it didn't irritate my sensitive skin at all and unlike some moisturisers for dry skin, it's not too greasy to the point it takes a long period of time to soak in properly. It absorbs very quickly.
When the cold weather hits and my skin begins to feel tight, this will always be my first little helper. The only downside to this is that I feel that a little does not go a long way and I find myself dipping back into the jar several times to cover my whole face.

The other moisturiser is the newest addition to my skincare routine, it's the La Roche-Posay, Rosaliac AR Intense Serum, (£18.00)

Prior to this I was using the Murad Redness Therapy (£33.00), which I found not to be hydrating enough at all for my winter skin condition. I thought over this La Roche-Posay option for a while and around two weeks ago I finally picked up at Boots.
This one is so much more hydrating than the Murad, definitely more suitable for dry skin (and normal.) (I'd opt for the Murad option if you have oily skin!)
Despite the bottle saying this is a serum, I do just use it as a moisturiser, I apply it under make-up and after my routine at night, I only reach for this if I see any areas of redness around my nose and cheeks, otherwise I'll just use my Liz Earle.
The results are evident and within an hour redness has completely disappeared, this moisturiser also only takes 2 little pumps to cover my entire face because the gel formula spreads out so well.

Another point written on the box for this was the 'anti-relapse' effect it would supposedly have, meaning, basically the more you use this, over time you should notice a difference long term in the amount of redness in your skin.

The only downside with this one is the smell, it really doesn't have a great smell but I suppose it's worth it for the result, especially if you seem to freak out at the smallest amount like I do. I like to have an anti-redness product because I use such lightweight foundations with little coverage, or some days a tinted moisturiser, so I need my skin to be the best it can be naturally.

My Top 4 Nail Colours

You're either someone that can go a long time without having anything on your nails, or somebody that always needs a perfect manicure and re-applies at the first sign of 'chippage.'
Since I stopped biting my nails last year I've fallen into the second category and I'm obsessed with buying high-end nail varnish, I change my nails every week and like to match them up to my mood. I'm not one for multi-coloured, bright nails, I stick to plain, monochrome colours sometimes with a little decoration.
There are four polishes in particular that are my 'go-to' quad that I really haven't stopped wearing since I bought them. There are two from Nails Inc and another two from Ciaté.

The first is from the Nails Inc Limited Edition Crystal Cap range, the shade is called 'The Thames,' and retails around £15.00. This is my first grey nail varnish because I've always struggled to find the shade I really wanted, they've all always either looked too dark or too light and too blue toned but The Thames is my perfect grey, if it were matte it would be at HG status for me.
I apply two coats of this and it lasts for about three/four days without chipping then it requires a little top up, I imagine it would last longer if you applied a top coat but I don't actually own one of those at the moment.
I wear this a lot because it's very versatile, it goes with any lipstick I want to wear, no matter what colour outfit I had on, grey wouldn't ever 'not go.'
It leaves you with quite a thick but smooth gel looking finish.

Brocade Parade from the Ciaté Tweed Collection, which is £9.00 here on LookFantastic.
I actually have the mini size of this because I found it in the Ciaté 'Mini Mani Manor' which they released before Christmas as an advent calender. I've never and probably won't ever use this alone, I use this pretty often on top of The Thames just to spice things up a little. It's such a pretty top coating, it's like the icing on a cupcake, it's very monochrome. It has flicks of black, silver and white. I also really love the name, it really looks like a little crushed up barcode parade on your nails.

The other soild colour I am loving is Savile Row from Nails Inc, (£11.00.)
I was lusting after a berry based nail colour for such a long time and I spent hours one night going through several brands to find my perfect shade, unfortunately Savile Row still isn't my perfect berry because I think it's too dark and in some lighting it looks very dark purple rather than berry. I still really like it nevertheless. I wear this alone for the majority of the time just because it's my little pop of colour in an all black outfit. Two coats of this usually lasts me three days without chipping, (without a top coat.)

Last up is another polish best worn on top of a solid colour, it's Celestial from Ciaté. Unfortunately, you can't actually buy this because it was exclusive to the Mini Mani Manor at Christmas, it was in the final door on day 24 and it was the only full sized polish. This very much reminds me of a starry sky, there isn't any black or white in this the grains are all silver and holographic, which really gives off a night time sky look when worn on top of black. It's great because it doesn't require blotting around and building up like some glitters do, one swipe of the stuff looks enough to cover your nail.

I much prefer the brushes on Ciaté polishes but, I think the consistency of Nails Inc is better, and they both pretty much have the same wear time before chipping.


My Holy Grail Base Trio

chanel foundation, chanel vitalumiere aqua, nars concealer, hourglass primer, hourglass veil mineral primer, radiant creamy concealer,

Everyone wants to find that mix of products that makes their face appear flawless, I've been through several foundations, primers and concealers never being fully satisfied with the result, until now. I received all of these products at Christmas time and I am so happy with what I chose, I've discovered my HG base. I have dry skin, I rarely suffer with any spots apart from a few hormonal ones mid-month, (ew.) I never suffered from teenage acne so I don't have any scarring, and my only problem with my skin is really it's dryness but that's easily tackled! I would not recommend the foundation featured in this post if you have oily skin, it would work great for dry and normal skin types. 

chanel foundation, chanel vitalumiere aqua, nars concealer, hourglass primer, hourglass veil mineral primer, radiant creamy concealer,

After moisturizing I first apply the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer (£52.00), which comes in a glass bottle with a pump. I try to use as little as possible because of it being so expensive, I can usually get away with two pumps, focusing mainly on my nose, cheeks and chin where pores are most visible. This primer leaves your skin feeling amazing, it feels like silk, like no other product I'v had before; I could not live without this primer. It is pricey, but so worth it, it makes any of my foundations look so much better, and keeps them in place all day. Not only that, but my skin just loves this stuff, it's so loving to skin (well, mine anyway.) It's hydrating, brightening, gives it an amazing texture and minimizes every flaw, when I wash my make-up off at the end of the day after wearing this, my skin looks so even in tone! The texture is quite watery, which means it spreads pretty well, the product is white coloured, but don't worry, it applies clear.

The next step is applying the Chanel Vitalumiére Aqua Foundation, (£33.00.) I have the lightest shade (BR10), which is a perfect match.
It just seems that this stuff was almost made for my skin! It is the most hydrating foundation I've ever used, so this foundation is obviously made for the more dry skin types like my own. It's water based, and very light, so before use you have to shake up the bottle a little. The only downside to this foundation is that there's no pump, no squeezing, just a case of tipping the bottle upside down until a reasonable amount comes out, which could be a little risky, but so far I've had no problems with pouring too much out, just be careful.
You can't feel this on your skin, it's ultra lightweight, it gives you a light coverage which basically looks like a second skin, it's your skin, but ten times better!
I can't forget to mention that this stuff also has such a lovely scent, it's not too strong and it's never irritated my sensitive skin.
All of Chanel's base offerings are amazing, I can't wait to try something else.

Finally, the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, (£22.00.)  
Hands down, this is the best concealer I've come across, it's perfect for everything.
It covers any areas of redness, covers blemishes/scars and brightens the under eye, it's a multi-use product for me. I apply it to my face using a Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush (which is amazing with this product, by the way.) Just like the name states, it's such a creamy formula which provides medium coverage which is slightly buildable to a higher coverage. The smallest spot of this spreads out well to cover quite a good sized area of my face, I use it around my nose, under my eyes and just generally any little imperfections to ensure a flawless finish. I honestly can't see myself changing concealer now I've used this, well done, NARS. I have the lightest shade which is named Chantilly. I also use this after doing my brows and eyeshadow, just to brighten/highlight the areas and sharpen the edges up!

chanel foundation, chanel vitalumiere aqua, nars concealer, hourglass primer, hourglass veil mineral primer, radiant creamy concealer,

In total, this complete base routine costs £107.00 which is obviously a lot for three products that aren't all totally evident on your face, but it's the results that count for me, the 'quality not the quantity' if you will. Left with a radiant healthy glow, with no flaws on show, bright eyes and a perfect texture which is neither drying or oily, not quite dewy, but sheer and lightweight. The primer and concelear can be bought from Space.NK and the Chanel foundation from a department store such as House Of Fraser, Fenwicks, John Lewis etc.

Have you found your perfect base products? Or do you use any of the same products I do?


An Ode To GIVENCHY Photo Perfexion Foundation

So, since I'm on my last few pumps of my YSL Touche Éclat foundation I was in search of a new one. I really wanted to jump on the NARS Sheer Glow hype, but I read so many negative reviews about how it performs on dry skin, I read that it clung to patches and wasn't 'sheer' or 'glowly' at all. Not what I wanted!
So I was sold on buying Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk, another blogger favourite.
However, a problem occurred with that one too, because where I went shopping didn't stock it anywhere. SO, I had to look for a third alternative.
I tested loads whilst I was out and wasted a lot of time at various counters, the last counter I went to was in Debenhams and was GIVENCHY, I don't own any other products from them so I was a little scared, I had no idea what any of the products were like, I've never read a review in my life on anything!
The assistant asked for my skin type and recommended this foundation, named Photo Perfexion. (She was incredibly pushy and I could tell she really wanted something sold, ew) Never the less, I swatched it beside all the other options from Givenchy and this was definitely most hydrating and the sort of coverage I wanted. I needed a medium coverage, that was hydrating, and very pale. (The assistant also squeezed in about 10 times that it's the foundation Fearne Cotton wears.)

So I ended up going for this one anyway, benefits were that it has a pump, which Sheer Glow wouldn't of, and it was only £33.00, where as the GA I wanted at first was around £36.00, (not much of a difference, but that got me a Starbucks.)
It's in a lovely glass bottle, which is pretty light, and it has the Givenchy logo printed in the lid.
It's medium coverage, I needed medium because my other foundation I use is Chanel Aqua, which is very light, so I needed a medium for the days my skin isn't as great!
I applied this for the first time with my moisturizer underneath and a NARS primer.
The downside here was that it took me three pumps to do my whole face, where as my YSL foundation took only one, so it'll probably last half of the time. It had a very nice smell as I applied and left a satin finish. I usually opt for a dewy finish that's very light but I suppose this is a nice change and it'll be great when I need that extra bit of masking.
I went out with my family when wearing this the first time and my mother was in awe, she was telling me how gorgeous my face looked and how 'glowy' it was. It didn't feel dry and cakey at all, which I was really scared of when buying a higher coverage. She also complimented on how much of a good match it was for my skin tone, I didn't have to blend it down my neck at all because it was the perfect colour, which is a break through!

I'm really happy with this purchase, and it's made me want to branch out and try some more Givenchy products.
Have you tried any? What were they like?
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