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secret santa ideas

Secret Santa gifts can be the most difficult gift to buy at this time of year, especially when a tight budget is set. So I've constructed what I hope is a helpful guide of Secret Santa style gifts all under £15 and some under 10. I've literally picked out something for every type of person working in your office to get you sorted quickly and cheaply. As usual I have linked every gift below, just simply click on the product name and it will take you straight to the page on ASOS to buy it. Happy shopping! 

NARS Mini Highlighter & Bronzer - a touch of luxury beauty for the gal in the office that loves her full face glam, and probably spends her commute into work applying her make up, and touches up at lunch time.

Avocado Smash Game - for the person that's always hosting games night, house parties or family gatherings.

Gin Made Me Do It Recipe Book - for the classy alcoholic, that probably goes out every weekend and stress drinks every night after work. 

Skinny Dip Let's Get Wasted Tumbler - for the younger gal that loves to party, or the 40 year old that thinks she's still 21 on a weekend. 

Unicorn Shower Cap - the ultimate 'joke,' gift, when you don't want to put any thought into it.

Kim K Pocket Wisdom - for the woman of the office who thinks she's Kim K, probably loves social media and buys her baby Yeezy's.

Nodding French Bulldog - for the high key dog lover, probably isn't allowed to have a dog at home but shares all the videos on Facebook. Or alternatively, they own three dogs that are dressed up on the regular. 

Position Of The Day Book - for the single guy in the office, that always has one night stands and makes sexual jokes, probably lives alone in a small flat barely decorated. Probably loves football. 

Disney 2019 Desk Calendar - for the high key Disney lover that is still mentally 12 years old and wants to get married in Disneyland. 

Mini Emergency iPhone Charger - for the tech guy, possibly very single and spends all of his money on the latest Apple releases. Or maybe he has a family and talks about the computer and printer at home and how it's always broken, but still has the latest iPhone and likes Starbucks.

F*ck Block Candle - for the potty mouthed member of staff that ends up putting ten pound in the swear jar each week. Or, the person that has a messy desk full of old coffee cups and photo frames.

Crep Protect Spray - for the guy that's mad for the latest and expensive trainers, probably collects Yeezys or designer sneaks and brags about them. Probably thinks he's the shit. Probably a player.



By far my favourite place to shop for Christmas gifts is surprisingly ASOS, I don't think many people would think to turn to ASOS, but honestly if you have fellow beauty lovers on your list this really might be the ultimate one stop shop to cover everyone. I've narrowed down a few of the best bundles they're offering this year, some with huge savings value! All products are linked for super quick and easy Christmas shopping ease. 

A collection of travel sized signature Benefit box products, from their best selling Hoola Bronzer to the Rose Golden dream that is Rockateur blush. LINK

A collection of 3 of Benefits iconic eyebrow heroines, some full sized so you're making a huge saving - available in different shades for your hair colour and presented in a gift box. LINK

The iconic best selling cleansing balm that I personally adore, but in the cutest 'bauble,' packaging. It also includes a mini double sided Emma Hardie muslin cloth. LINK

Containing two Too Faced products, one being the number one Better Than Sex mascara, this set looks so fun and is beautifully presented as a great way of trying out high end products without paying the full price! LINK

This luxurious set contains four mini NARS products, from primer to lip vinyl. This would be a beautiful addition to any make up lovers collection, it's also limited edition so they'll have bragging rights! LINK

The iconic "Orgasm" named blush paired with it's new matching lipstick. Anyone who loves this classic will adore this gift, and anyone who hasn't tried this rose gold goodness will be very grateful you gave them an Orgasm this Christmas with this limited edition set. LINK

One for the skincare junkies and self care advocates, an amazing value set of the Glam Glow face masks all in a travel sized tube and presented in a gift box. An amazing way to try all of the brands face masks before buying any full sized products. LINK

The very luxurious make up brand Laura Mercier gives you a set of four of the Caviar Eye Sticks, a beautiful cream eyeshadow that even a make up beginner would adore. These eyeshadow sticks are pretty pricey, so having four mini sticks is great value. LINK

Smashbox Holidaze Primer Kit
A kit for all your make up staying power needs, any make up lover will be very appreciative of this set. This is all they'll need to keep their make up in place all day. LINK

First Aid Beauty Love Your FAB Skin Set (Save 53%!) 
First Aid Beauty are a high end skincare brand famous for their products for very sensitive skin types, this kit contains a full routine of products to trial, presented in a beautiful gift box! LINK



beauty bay identity palette review

The beauty site we all know and love, (and I have watched grow into a huge company over the years,) gave us all what we wanted. Three amazing, affordable eyeshadow palettes that include everything the beauty world wanted. Unless you've been living under a rock, you'll probably be pretty familiar with this magical trio - say hello to OriginIdentity and Evolve. Three palettes, containing a very generous 42 shades, (wow...) at an even more generous price point of £25.00. Not only that, but these babes also contain a huge mirror large enough to complete your full face of make up in. This is the Colour Theory family.


new beauty blender foundation review
So here we have it folks, the worlds most perfect foundation - a big statement, but the truest ever spoke. Despite the backlash upon its release, and having loved Beauty Blenders for so many years and never applying my base with anything else, I had to have this. I waited weeks after the initial release in the US, and we finally have it in the UK at Cult Beauty. You bet it was worth the wait, and the price of £32.00. Shockingly, not the most expensive foundation I've ever purchased but certainly far from drugstore. This is Beauty Blenders first make up product, and if this is foreshadowing what's to come then I'm very excited. 

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