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When I first started my blog four years ago (wow, what?) my life and happiness revolved around make up. Looking at it, buying it, using it, writing about it - I was out first to get and review new releases, I spent every penny I got on building up a huge make up collection like the ones we see on YouTube. In my ‘prime,’ I was posting new content everyday because I just always had so many new products I wanted to talk about. 

Do I still love make up? Totally. I still spend money on new products etc, but I just no longer get that buzz and excitement. I don’t really like spending money on it anymore because it doesn’t bring me much joy (and it’s like £31 for a foundation, so i want to be buzzing about it.) In the past three months I think I’ve purchased about 7 new make up bits but I haven’t even posted about them on my blog because I honestly have no desire to review them, it’s so boring and tedious to me now - you may of noticed i’ve barely posted on my blog over the past few months, and that’s because I can’t even force myself to force out content, i’m fully aware my last few posts have been dull and slacking, the photography not great. 

About 6 months ago I went through a rough patch, I had no sense of identity, I didn't know who or what I was, what to wear, how to be - I honestly felt so disconnected and frustrated. I started online clothes shopping obsessively in a desperate attempt to ‘find myself,’ again and find a way to be comfortable, but still feel good. I spent a lot of money and had several breakdowns. 

Thank God, I really do believe I have now fully found my style. It has done wonders for my confidence and over all mental health, I feel much more secure and sure of myself. My confidence raising has meant I’ve been able to go to public places and shoot outfit pictures, which is huge for me. Like, a big deal. It’s still embarrassing and a bit awkward, but it gets easier each time. My Instagram content has been getting so much love and praise, whilst my blog has been forgotten about. 

So, it’s time for a fresh start. I’m not saying there’s going to be no more make up content, because there definitely will be. I just want to focus mainly on style/fashion, life, mental health etc. That’s really where my passion sits right now, and it makes me feel good and motivated. Honestly, I have never published fashion/style blog posts before - so they might not be flawless to begin with, but hopefully my passion will come through in my words and most importantly, there will be regular posting again.

Thank you so much to new followers, and the lot of you that have been here since year one. I hope this change doesn’t disappoint you if you’ve always been a reader purely for the make up.


new nars highlighter powders ibiza marc jacobs bronzer
We’re saying hello to May already, crazy right? This past month has been extremely spendy, from Givenchy bags to too many Mcdonald’s - (if you want to see that side of my life, follow me on Instagram (@crtnygrdnr) But you’re all here for the makeup right? So here’s a round up of what newbies I added to my overflowing collection this month:


superdrug solait fake tan review dry oil tan wipes dark mousse
If you know me at all, you'll know I'm all about that fake tan life. I wasn't naturally blessed with golden bronzed skin, quite the complete opposite. I've been trying out so many different products from various brands for years, I'm pretty much on a never ending search for my perfect fake tan. After months and months of using my beloved Bondi Sands Dark Foam, I just got bored and my face started to break out - so what started as a mission to find a suitable tan for my face that didn't break me out, turned into an entire tan haul. 


best skincare combination skin mario badescu first aid beauty face mist
I have a very love/hate relationship with that dreaded period every couple of months where you ever so conveniently run out of skincare all at once. I mean, i do love skincare - but buying it all at once is a bit of a chore, i’d rather spend my money on a new eyeshadow palette or a steak and cocktail date night. To make it a little more exciting, this month i purchased some new products to try out - and the impossible happened. I love them all. So naturally i had to share my new finds with you, they come highly recommended. (Just for reference, my skin is combination and pretty sensitive.) 
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