Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer
Nars Dual Intensity Eyeshadow Himalia Swatch
Guys, I've found my new favourite concealer. No, it isn't Tarte Shape Tape or Urban Decay Naked Skin like everyone else and their dog, it's the newly released NARS Matte Complete Concealer. I wasn't expecting to really be a fan of this because of the name and the fact it's in a pot, but damnnnn Gina was I wrong. 

Having normal/dry skin, sometimes the word 'matte,' in product names really puts me off and instantly makes me think: cake, dry, clingyness etc. But that's definitely not the case with this new release from NARS. I used to love their highly raved about Radiant Creamy Concealer but this is so much better, they've really upped the game. My shade (the lightest, Chantilly) was sold out everywhere but one website- so it couldn't of been that bad anyway. This is the first concealer I've had in a pot and not in a doe foot/tube applicator, and being an acrylic nail gal it is a bit of a faff to work with, so I resorted to using a duo fibre flat brush to take a few 'dabs' out of the pot and tap it onto my face. But once on my face, it blends seamlessly and has great coverage. It totally lives up to it's matte name, but although it's matte in finish, it isn't completely dull and flat- it still gives a little radiance. The glass pot is a little weighty and chunky, but I personally don't mind that and think it just makes it feel and look like luxury make-up.

Y'know those products that you've been meaning to buy for months and months and you keep adding it to your online basket but just never go through with it? The NARS Dual Intensity Eyeshadow in the shade Himalia was one of those things. This is a gorgeous, coppery, bronzey, taupey shade (Wow, good description.) A couple of years ago I got my hands on the limited edition Dual Intensity Palette, and I loved the formula of the shadows, they are totally unique and a personal favourite. But I only really use 4 shades in the entire palette, and since that release so many more amazing shades have been released and I've seen a lot of hype about a certain few. 

To apply these shadows I use the specially created wet/dry shadow brush from NARS, it's a flat brush with silky bristles- I spray the brush with a few spirtz of Mac Fix+ (the shadows can be used wet or dry.) Dry, the shadows are really sheer and that's totally not for me- but wet these shadows are mind blowing, and I am utterly obsessed. You bet I'm going to buy some more shades, even if they are £21 each! If you haven't tried this unique eyeshadow formula, I highly recommend you do. (Especially using them wet!) For a super intense, glamorous and sparkling eye look. I also love the matte black chunky square packaging it comes in, with that classic square pattern engraved into the top of the shadow for an extra touch of luxe.

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