Notice the lack of black? It's a lot of lack of black for me, kinda proud of myself. As much as I love Winter and being covered up and cosy, I'm accepting that I'm gonna have to start on my spring wardrobe soon, the days when I can have a little skin on show and maybe not have a huge fur coat covering my shirt. So I've opted for mom jeans because they aren't as suffocating as my usual skinny jeans, so therefore lighter and more spring appropriate. But I am going to have to be careful with my fake tan building up on my ankles...

I feel like hoodies and sweats are great for Spring because they're warm enough to wear alone without a coat, in that awkward time it's not quite warm enough to be totally bare armed in a t-shirt. I love that Topshop have nude shades in both hoodies I picked out too, it really balances out all the black I usually wear and it just looks good on me. (I think.)

I've heard so many great things about the matte bronzer in this list too, I've actually swatched it now and I can confirm it's a completely matte bronze that's perfect for fair skin tones. I can't wait to actually buy it and try out contouring with it!

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