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Probably one of the most talked about luxury beauty products is this cream bronzer from Chanel, despite the hype I avoided buying it for a long time because I was scared of it being extremely orange, or just generally way too dark for my fair skin. But, a couple of months ago I got an amazing surprise in the form of £££ so naturally, I did a lot of impulsive shopping, and if I didn't really splurge then, when would I.
Now I'm not at all a fan of cream contouring, for me it's way too subtle and it's a lot of effort for nothing, but I'd read that I could just slather this all over my face so, perfect. (Not a fan of anything in life that requires a lot of effort.)

Finding a way that this worked for me was certainly a case of trial and error, and I still don't think I've nailed it but it'll do for now. I'm currently applying primer and foundation with my Beauty Blender and then going in with a foundation brush from Tarte and plotting and buffing this around my hairline and jawline, what I think I really need is a second Beauty Blender especially for cream bronzing. I did try using my BB but that ended up really messing with my foundation shade and it wasn't pretty. I will admit when I first blot it around, it does look scarily dark/orange- but once it's buffed in properly it looks pretty natural and 'healthy,' like I had a week in Bora Bora.

It's easy to go overboard when your skin is NC10, accidentally put too much of this on your forehead and you'll be buffing out for a LONG time and re-applying foundation over it to try and tone it down. Thankfully, a little does go a long way- so you'll want to start with a pea sized amount on your brush and see how far it goes, I think I've got a pretty big head too. But if  you're not as pale as me you could really go hard with this and use it as bronzer and contour, or maybe just smother it all over your face. Trust me, you'll want to smother this all over your face because it smells insane, it smells very alike to the Le Blanc De Chanel base, it reminds me of holidays and palm trees and sea, very exotic and refreshing.

And can we all take a moment to appreciate the satisfying look of this? Do you have any idea how heartbreaking it was to ruin that perfect untouched top?

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