Oh my God it's bloody October already, what the fuck. I'm usually the first to do my 'favourites,' post because I like to get it out early before the mad rush of them on the last day of the month, but here I am falling behind, (surprise surprise.) I  found it really hard to gather things for this post because all the new things I've tried and loved have been in hauls recently and I didn't want to bore you all, and this isn't YouTube where I can just talk about things, I know we all like the visuals. I know everyone does these monthly round ups of what they loved but I STILL genuinely enjoy them, and enjoy writing them. Anyway, I'm going to talk a bit about the bits that have been new recently (to me,) and why I've been loving them.

You might know if you're a fan (mwah,) that I wear false lashes religiously, and I feel like such a boring basic bitch without some really dramatic eyes going on, it's just like, my thing. I've been using Eyelure Dramatic 212 lashes for such a long time but I recently went all out and got some faux mink lashes from Huda Beauty. They are a lot more expensive than your average Eyelure, but the hairs are so much better and they generally look a lot more, umpfh. I got the style 'Scarlett.' which are probably the thickest most dramatic in the Huda Beauty range, (I got them from Cult Beauty.) They're £16 a set but I've worn them a few times now and they're still as good as new, so I think as long as I get a good amount of wear out of them they're going to be worth the dolla. (I'm wearing the lashes in my sidebar picture if you're curious.)

You also might already know if you saw my Selfridges Haul post or follow me on Insta (@crntygrdnr ;) that I got my hands on the new Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation, and OH MY GOD. Please God, bury me with this. I really wasn't expecting to like this but I couldn't not get it because well, packaging goals, but it is hands down my new Holy Grail. Sorry Marc Jacobs Full Cover. Of course I got the lightest shade and it's a perfect colour match for my Snow White skin, and despite it being full coverage it isn't drying on my already dry skin. The stand out for me is how pigmented this stuff is, like, I've never known a foundation go such a long way and give so much coverage from such a tiny amount of product- the pigmentation really is insane. The finish literally looks like a mask, but not in a fake cakey way, in a perfect airbrushed skin way.

My Kat Von D setting spray has just been doing nothing for me really, so I had to get a new one. I'd heard a lot of good things about the Gerard Cosmetics Slay All Day, so I got that because it wasn't all that expensive. What was weird about this setting spray compared to all others was that it comes in a variety of 'scents,' and I went for Lavender, which I'm really not a fan of, but that's not the product it's just me choosing the worst one. Typical. I'll for sure be re-purchasing this but in a different scent, for me this is the best setting spray I've used in terms of long term effect. It actually really does help to keep me matte. Believe the hype. I was also a bit scared the scent would irritate my skin but, so far, so good.

I FINALLY got a Fujifilm Instax, and oh my Lord this made me so incredibly excited on arrival, I was literally bouncing up and down and screeching because it's so fucking cute and exciting. I was so baffled about the whole concept and how it took the photo and printed it, like, HOW does this tiny little pink cube of cuteness do that? I've already got my Polaroids hanging on my bedroom wall on string, but my God the paper is expensive. I really love the effect it puts on each photo, sort of vintagey and very Tumblr. My new little Instax is probably my new favourite possession, like, do not touch my Instax, it's my baby. 

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