So this is way overdue, I have really lost all my blogging motivation, I've fallen out of love with writing and what I write and the way my blog looks, despite the recent makeover. I feel like it's the time of year, in Autumn/Winter my low mood/depression worsens, recently I've been really suffering with 'flat mood,' which is just such a horrible feeling that I cannot do anything to help. Ever since Autumn kicked in I've noticed it becoming harder to get myself out of bed on a morning again and want to do anything, all I want to do is lie in bed and rot away to be honest. It's extremely frustrating because I have no reason to feel like I do right now, it's all down to my brain chemistry which sucks- my personality is just gone. I literally do not even have it in me to force posts out of me, which I was considering doing just because I feel so rubbish I'm not blogging.


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Probably one of the most talked about luxury beauty products is this cream bronzer from Chanel, despite the hype I avoided buying it for a long time because I was scared of it being extremely orange, or just generally way too dark for my fair skin. But, a couple of months ago I got an amazing surprise in the form of £££ so naturally, I did a lot of impulsive shopping, and if I didn't really splurge then, when would I.
Now I'm not at all a fan of cream contouring, for me it's way too subtle and it's a lot of effort for nothing, but I'd read that I could just slather this all over my face so, perfect. (Not a fan of anything in life that requires a lot of effort.)


It's wishlist time again, time to make myself really sad and remind myself how poor I am and how bad I've got my priorities. Make up > food. I've got a really good mix for October, bit of lip bit of skin bit of eye, shame it's all so fucking expensive. Why am I like this, I always say to myself I've got enough make up and I wont even use the stuff I've got up, half of it's probably out of date to be honest. Being a beauty blogger is so damn expensive and there's always a post to lure you into buying something no matter how hard you try. So anyway. here's the products I'm drooling over this month, even if I get half of them I'll be a happy bunny...but a lot happier if I managed them all. (Set this 'Lust List out a bit differently to usual, let me know if you like it!)


Oh my God it's bloody October already, what the fuck. I'm usually the first to do my 'favourites,' post because I like to get it out early before the mad rush of them on the last day of the month, but here I am falling behind, (surprise surprise.) I  found it really hard to gather things for this post because all the new things I've tried and loved have been in hauls recently and I didn't want to bore you all, and this isn't YouTube where I can just talk about things, I know we all like the visuals. I know everyone does these monthly round ups of what they loved but I STILL genuinely enjoy them, and enjoy writing them. Anyway, I'm going to talk a bit about the bits that have been new recently (to me,) and why I've been loving them.