This is a huge statement to make, I've worn liquid liner since I was about twelve years old and I've tried so many, from Collection to Yves Saint Laurent and this is the best far. You can buy LA Girl products from Beauty Bay, and for £4 I couldn't really go too wrong with it. And I didn't, because this stuff is bomb, like yesssss jet black pigment I see you girl. This liner is cheaper than a Big Mac meal. (I'd still rather spend £4 on food.)

This is such a foolproof liner that you just really can't go too oops with because the nib is so precise and perfectly sized, (hence the name probably, fine line.) I always wear liner to a medium thickness with a flick over a hella lot of eyeshadow, and sometimes the blackness just isn't enough to be able to differentiate between my shadow and liner but this one totally pulls through and I'm so impressed.

I've only ever heard anyone talk about LA Girl for the famous Pro Conceal, so I feel like I've discovered a real hidden gem. Also, although it doesn't at all claim to be waterproof- I did run a swatch of this under water for a minute to test it for a friend and it didn't smudge or budge or run, perfect for my really sensitive eyes that water every damn time I leave the house.

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