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Despite the fact I have dry skin, I also get major anxiety sweats including a really bad SULA. (Sweaty upper lip alert, for those of you that haven't seen Wild Child.) So although my face might feel dry after finishing my make up, once I leave the house it instantly starts to naturally dew. I always use to shy away from powder, only using the very bare minimum, sometimes none- but as I got older and my anxiety grew, I began to realize that I probably really could do with some good mattifying powder, no matter how dry my skin naturally is when I'm not a sweaty mess among the public. I mean, it's dry when I'm at home, I have to prime and use sprays when doing my make up, but as soon as I see people? Bye make up I just spent 2 hours on. (This sounds so grim, I promise I smell great.)

I've tried loose powders from YSL and Giorgio Armani, and I've been using the Hourglass powder recently, but they just aren't enough to stop everything melting away. Don't get me wrong, the Hourglass powder IS amazing and perfecting and sets- but it's just not good for panic attacks.
So, I thought, yo, why not buy a powder foundation? That's GOT to be more 'powerful,' than just a powder, that angst has another layer to break through. Not going to lie, it was hard finding one- since I was wanting a powder foundation they obviously aren't translucent, so I was Googling swatches for hours. I ended up getting the Urban Decay Naked Skin Powder Foundation, (£26.00,) in the lightest shade, fair cool.

One things for sure, Urban Decay never do packaging badly. I absoultey love the sleekness of this compact, I love the metallicy grey/silver finish, the branding and the gorgeous bag the compact comes in, which I totally didn't expect! You usually get that sort of thing with Chanel or Dior products, so I was really impressed before I'd even tried it out. The compact also houses a sponge, which I actually really like and use instead of a brush if I want even more of a sweat barrier.

I can confirm that this really does mattify, I totally noticed a difference in how shiny I looked when I went out- my cupids bow wasn't dripping and my foundation was still on my chin. Result. It really doesn't add that much more coverage because I just dab it around once all over. My skin doesn't feel overly dry or uncomfortable at all, and cake isn't an issue- even If I use a high coverage foundation! It really just smooths my skin and keeps my base in place, even when walking past a group of obnoxious teenage boys.

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