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Coming at you with another haul and first impressions- my favourite type of post to write, and there's still one more to come. Also, side note, hope you all like the new layout I've got going on and my new "logo," it took so much work that really battered my brains. If I see HTML again I think I'll die. Anyway, on with what I got from debenhams and how things went.


I never thought I'd see the day that I was buying stuff with Zoella branding on, not because I'm not fan, because admittedly I really am despite my age, but just because it kind of makes me cringe- she's kind of a guilty pleasure and I feel like her products would only be acceptable for a 15 year old to be excited about, but here I am. An adult, waiting for the launch and paying for next day delivery...
I didn't get everything I wanted but as soon as I'm not in my over draft, you bet I'll be going back for more. I hate myself.
I was quite surprised at the prices of a lot of the products, taking into consideration the majority of her fans are probably only old enough to get £15 pocket money a week for washing the dishes. But I suppose as an "adult," (lol I'm not a fucking adult,) they aren't too bad for good quality good looking products.


This is a huge statement to make, I've worn liquid liner since I was about twelve years old and I've tried so many, from Collection to Yves Saint Laurent and this is the best far. You can buy LA Girl products from Beauty Bay, and for £4 I couldn't really go too wrong with it. And I didn't, because this stuff is bomb, like yesssss jet black pigment I see you girl. This liner is cheaper than a Big Mac meal. (I'd still rather spend £4 on food.)


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Despite the fact I have dry skin, I also get major anxiety sweats including a really bad SULA. (Sweaty upper lip alert, for those of you that haven't seen Wild Child.) So although my face might feel dry after finishing my make up, once I leave the house it instantly starts to naturally dew. I always use to shy away from powder, only using the very bare minimum, sometimes none- but as I got older and my anxiety grew, I began to realize that I probably really could do with some good mattifying powder, no matter how dry my skin naturally is when I'm not a sweaty mess among the public. I mean, it's dry when I'm at home, I have to prime and use sprays when doing my make up, but as soon as I see people? Bye make up I just spent 2 hours on. (This sounds so grim, I promise I smell great.)


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I'm back bitches. I've been really hating my blog recently and yet really miss it, so I figured if I bought some new products (I just got a very nice surprise involving money, so expect more hauls!) and got my camera back out I might want to write. It worked. No more photos from Instagram. Although my Photoshop trial ended so I'm really missing editing well, still contemplating paying for it. Anyway, so I did a little spending in Selfridges beauty department and this is what happened.