I know some people are very careful when it comes to buying more 'high end,' make up but I'm certainly not, 99% of my collection is more high end so I feel like I have more than enough to be able to tell you what's really worth investing in. To be honest I've never really had a high end product that I've hated, but there's a few in particular that I think anyone starting off with high end or maybe just treating themselves really need to know about first.

You cannot go wrong with a pot of Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade, this stuff lasts forever, like, I have half of mine left as you can see, and I've had it a year! So if anything it's amazing value for money and it's not something you'll be having to re-purchase often if you do love it. The colour range is amazing, there's something perfect for everyone- I use the shade Ebony because I have black hair. There's just nothing bad to say, it lasts ages on your actual brows, it doesn't matter how little hair you have on your natural brows, it still works as great.

Another star from ABH, their Glow Kits. They haven't been around that long but I'm already obsessed. They've extended the family now so there's so many hue's to choose from, I have the most golden/warm toned kit but there's cooler toned kits and more suitable for darker skin. You get 4 pans of highlighter, which are all huge, literally like a full sized product you would buy individually. All four are highly pigmented and have a wonderful formula, if you had one of these Glow Kits you're set for years, they're going to last a long long time and you can even de-pot them (very easily.) 

Y'know that thing that's 'just a sponge,' IT'S NOT. I swear by my Beauty Blender and wouldn't dare use anything else for foundation and concealer. I've tried the Real Techniques dupe and trust me it really isn't the same, please just get yourself a BB, this is my third one! It applies product so quick, easy and flawlessly, no lines or cakeyness, just pure hit your head with a sponge perfectness. If you've got dry skin especially, a damp Beauty Blender is a life saver.

I always say that Too Faced eyeshadows are the bomb, I own more high end eyeshadow palettes than I've had hot meals and nothing ever beats the formula of Too Faced. They do so many amazing palettes filled with the most buttery shadows ever, the butteryness makes them blend like a dream and the pigmentation is literally unbeatable. Everyone seems to buy a Naked palette as their first high end eye palette, I say go for Too Faced, the shadows are so much nicer.

Although I'd skip a Naked palette, if I had only one high end concealer it would be the Naked Skin by Urban Decay. I've had two tubes of the NARS rival and I swear it's half as good. This concealer is so creamy and comfortable, it gives great coverage and blends seamlessly. Not to mention the applicator is a lot better than the NARS one. 

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