I've had this product for just over a year now, and I always seem to completely forget about it, and when it was first released Urban Decay made such a fuss of it, but yet nobody else did. I've not seen one blog post about this since it's release over a year ago, yet it's one of a kind, I don't know any other product from any other brand that's the same as this, I thought it was a really great idea.

The said product is the Urban Decay Mascara Resurrection, priced at only £10, (cheap for 'high end.') This is essentially something like Mac Fix+ but for your lashes, the tag line 'Reboot, refresh, renew,' sums up what this is all about. Y'know when you're out all day, maybe say at work, and your mascara's just looking a little worse for wear and dull? Your curls cropped or the volumes gone? If so, this is perfect for you. Or perhaps you like to layer your mascara, but your lashes are prone to spider syndrome and go all clumpy, this is also for you.

This pretty glittery purple tube contains something like a clear eyebrow gel, but in mascara form. The wand is smaller than your average mascara but the head is curled perfectly to get right into the root of your lashes and boost a curl. It's designed to go on top of mascara you're already wearing, as a sort of primer before adding another layer. Usually applying a fresh coat on top of mascara you've had on for hours is a very difficult task with usually bad results, your lashes clump together and they're all stiff and dry, but this product takes away all that, it literally feels like you're applying your first bit of mascara in the morning.

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