My experience with any primer targeted at reducing pores isn't great, they are usually solely made for oily skin, why?! Us without oily skin have pores too. I've tried the likes of Body Shop Instablur and Tarte, both of which are very thick and dry and not right at all for dryer skin types. 

I've found something L I F E changing guys, I haven't heard anyone talk about this primer, ever, and when I swatched it I was so impressed and excited to buy it. Say hi to the Urban Decay Pore Perfecting Complexion Primer, my new holy grail, (that is a huge statement, I have a lot of primers.) I'm genuinely so shocked that I haven't seen anyone raving about this stuff, I've been so impressed by it and it does the job so much better than some of my more expensive primers. Coming in at £19.50, it's not that bad really considering there's a lot of product and a little goes a long way, and the packaging is so unique and gorgeous - it's not your average boring tube or lid, I love the whole vampy sassy theme. (Even applies to the box it comes in.)

I don't know about anyone else, but if I'm wearing a dewy foundation that's not really high coverage, pores really stick out and look bad, and throughout the day it ruins your make up completely and your pores are standing out like hell, and this is where this primer saves the day - because pores are my ultimate pet hate.
This primer will totally smooth out your skin and give it a velvety, cushion like finish and totally blur all your pores, your skin pretty much looks airbrushed, it's amazing.

I apply such a thin layer over areas like my chin and around my nose where pores are the most visible, despite having normal/dry skin it doesn't flake off or feel dry, it actually feels quite comfortable. Obviously oily skin types would need a thicker layer, but I'm so glad I've finally found a primer that WORKS for my pores and suits my skin! Obviously I use a moisturiser underneath as always. 

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