Let me tell you, there is nothing worse than paying out the big bucks for high end make up only to find that it's rubbish, it's times like this that I wished I was happy buying having and using drugstore, but I'm not, so 50% of my make up purchases are hit or miss. I usually do a lot of reading up on reviews before buying, or just buy what everyone's hyping about, which was the case with two of these disappointing products.

I read so many rave reviews on the Body Shop's Instablur Primer, it promised to smooth the skin and make my pores invisible as well as improve the way my foundation looked. It isn't a drugstore product, but it's not high end, it's in that weird middle, so I wasn't too upset about wasting my money, (it's now been handed down to my mum, no idea how she is managing to use it.)
Let me tell you, I have tried a huge bunch of primers, and this is worse than all of the bad ones put together, what an absolute disaster.
I couldn't even get this on my skin to be honest, it just rolled off like a really dry clay face mask would after fifteen minutes, I tried with different moisturisers, no luck. 

Another primer that was completely rubbish comes from my favourite high end brand, so it kills me to say this but, NARS, this is utterly useless. The Pro Prime Pore Perfecting Primer, (what a mouthful,) costs £26.00 so I expected it to do what it said it did, but it didn't do what it said, or anything at all to be honest, so again this has been passed down to my mam. It didn't blur my pores at all, if anything I think it made them look worse.

Now, I must admit I am very picky with my mascaras, the only one I really like is Too Faced Better Than Sex, topped up with dramatic false lashes. But there was a time months ago I was running low on my holy grail and QVC happened to have an offer on where you got two Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara's for the price of one, so I couldn't really resist. All of the reviews on the website were five star, I watched the broadcast of the product and when it was modeled it looked amazing, but for me it was rubbish. I found the formula of this very very dry and clay like, I couldn't apply more than one coat because it made the lashes so stiff and dry, and my first tube dried out within a few weeks. 

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