What's better than getting a new 'high end,' beauty product? Getting it for free.
If you aren't already aware, Glamour have free miniatures of the new Benefit Gimme Brow in the latest issue. No it isn't full size, but I've had a proper Gimme Brow before and it lasted well over a year, so considering this is free and probably half the size, it's going to last a few months- AND IT'S SO PRETTY.

In fact the entire new range is gorgeous, the only product I've tried from Benefit is their famous Gimme Brow, and I went through phases of loving it and then hating it. I think when you first buy Gimme Brow the formula is very wet, so it's very easy to make a mistake and then you've got dark brown gel smudged all over, it's not great if you want the gradient look to your brow either, best wait until it dries out and goes a little lighter. I find that too much gel sticks in the bristles too, so sometimes your first stroke turns out to just be a huge clump.

The new packaging is so much nicer and makes it look more expensive, but I'm not keen on the shape of the wand. The original was just a simple round wand, easy to hold stable, where as this is a queer little shape and for me who wears acrylic nails and probably has coffee shakes when doing my make up, the shape makes the job a little more difficult.

For me this isn't worth paying full price for, but it's a freebie so you might as well go and try it, maybe it'll be more for you than me. I suggest the MAC Brow Gel, I purchased it after Gimme Brow and I much prefer it, (and it's cheaper.) 

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