I'm sorry that this is just another post on the palette that's probably all over your feed at the moment, but this is kind of a big deal for me. When this was first released, I was convinced I didn't like it and wouldn't use 99% of the shades, so I waited and waited and watched the blog posts and Instagram's roll in and every picture pushed me further, and further, and snap. I suddenly turned from, 'nah, not fussed about that,' to 'Oh my God I need money now I NEED THIS PALETTE OR I'LL DIE.' 

So I expressed my burning need for this palette to my fiancé but he wasn't having any of it, I eventually realized there was zero chance of me getting this out of him and I'd probably have to wait another week until I got some money, and it was more than likely to then be out of stock. But, when there's a Courtney, there's always a way...

I took to Instagram and Twitter and managed to sell my Kat Von D Shade and Light palette, yes, half way there. Nothing else sold so I was deflated again, lusting over pictures of the pink suede goodness. I saw Callum again the day after, told him about my little sale and then took to Beauty Bay, I finally convinced him to give me the rest of the money despite his grudge against it. Next day delivery too? Happiness overload.

I get a lot of beauty products delivered, but the excitement of this arriving was triple any of the rest, I think it's because I actually had to really wait for this. How could you not go crazy for this? Dusty pink suede packaging with gold embossing? Gimme more, I just want this palette in every flat lay I ever take.

The shades are so different for me, so first time using it was a little scary and difficult to get used to but I got there and loved it. My eyes are always dark brown and golden, this palette consists of oranges, plums, pinks, everything but what I always wear. For my first use I used a pinky plummy shade 'love letter,' mixed and blended with the champagne shimmer on the inner corners and brow bone, very different for me and I felt a little 'out there,' but it's a look I'll definitley be wearing again.

I'm so glad I finally caved, this palette is a great addition to my collection as it allows me to adventure more and go a little out of my comfort zone, I can also justify the price because it's full of shades I don't already have a million of. I've never tried Anastasia eyeshadows but I'm really impressed, they might just be replacing my number one, Too Faced eyshadows. It's definitley worth the price tag. So if like me, you're still on the fence about this one, I highly suggest you go and order it right now.

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