Remember this post when I raved about Bioderma? I mentioned the cheaper option that everyone seems to swear by, funnily enough when I went into Boots yesterday to re-purchase my beloved Bioderma was out of stock and this huge bottle of Garnier Micellar Water was right next door on offer for three quid! So many people couldn't be wrong and for price, I wasn't really losing much if I hated it. I'll admit I don't hate it, (so far,) but it really isn't as good as the Bioderma, but it was a lot cheaper.

I've found the Garnier option to be drying on my already dry skin, nor does it feel as gentle, feels more like it's ripping away moisture and texture. It definitley doesn't break down make up as well as my Bioderma, it takes longer to remove my eye make up and I find myself wiping over and over my face to get all of my base make up away.
For me, the biggest fault is really the dryness- my skin is already dehydrated so I definitley don't need to be buying things to takeaway more, so I'd say avoid this and go for Bioderma if you do have dry skin. My face felt quite tight and uncomfortable after using the Garnier water, where as when I use my Bioderma I feel like I could wait hours before adding any moisturiser.

I'd also opt for the Bioderma if you wear heavy make-up daily, it removes it much easier and leaves the skin feeling much cleaner- when I am wearing make up I go for a full on smokey eye, lashes, contour etc, and for me the Garnier seems to struggle a little with breaking it all down.

I also have sensitive skin, and for me the Bioderma has never upset it all the months I've been using it, I was scared of the Garnier stinging or making me itch but fortunately it didn't, but it did leave my skin looking a little red and feeling quite rough.

So in conclusion I think you'll already of gathered my answer, I'm all sides for the Bioderma, but it was good to test the cheaper option out and I'll definitley still use it now and then. 

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