Finding a foundation that actually matches your skin and doesn't leave an orange mark around your chin when you're probably paler than NC10 is an almost impossible task. I buy the palest shade in every foundation and concealer I buy, but sometimes even the palest isn't pale enough. I've found that NARS's palest shade is perfect for me, but unfortunately I hate their foundations, typical. And no I'm not going to fake tan my face. If I had to convert all of my make up collection to drugstore and only have one product high end, it would have to be foundation. Drugstore foundations are not made for really pale people, as I proved ages 11-13...

Three foundations that actually match my skin and don't leave tide marks are three that I've previously raved about on my blog for just generally being amazing.
Without a doubt the best match is the Make Up Forever Ultra HD Foundation, they offer an amazing range of shades from the very palest to the very darkest, with every undertone included- there's such a huge choice that if I wasn't Snow White I'd find it really hard to match myself. Read my full rave review of this foundation here.

The Marc Jacobs Full Cover Concentrate is also a perfect match whilst also providing full coverage. It's a really pricey one so I'd only expect a good match for the price I paid. Definitely not one that requires a lot of blending down my neck and bronzing up. Last but not least, what I think is a huge hidden gem foundation, Givenchy Photo Perfexion. 

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