My hair is rammed with years of damage, from bleaching, heat, dyes, hair extensions- you name it, I've done the damage. It's very slowly getting somewhat healthy again, and it's been quite a task finding products that actually work for me and show positive results. I've found the Garnier Ultimate Blends shampoo and conditioner has really restored hydration and smoothness, and when it comes to dying it I always use a dye formulated with oils etc. 

I'm constantly buying oils and sprays, leave in conditioners prove to be very helpful, but none of them really have a 'lasting' effect, they look an feel great for half an hour and then it's back to my hay stack. I popped into Boots the other day just to pick up some razor blades and this spray from L'oreal was on offer and obviously the bottle just really caught my eye, and it smelt great too. Without even looking at what it was for I took it to the till. (I am a sucker for pretty packaging!)

This is the first additional hair product I've tried that actually has lasting benefits and gives results for longer than an hour. I spray this in my hair before straightening or after blow drying and it makes my hair feel extremely silky and appear very shiney and healthy, (which it's definitley not.) The spray gives such a gorgeous faux glow to your hair, it's literally Champagne Pop for your mop. 
If you're suffering from dull, dehydrated frizzy hair, this is your new best friend- it might not actually reverse all the damage, but it masks it for days.

It lives up to everything it says it does on the bottle, and this will be the first hair care product I re-purchase. I'm so glad to have found something that actually works. The search is over. Next stop, mission find treatment to fix split ends.
You can find the L'oreal Elvive Nutri Gloss Luminiser in Boots for £9.99, I actually managed to get mine whilst on offer at only £4.99, and without the reduction in price I probably would't of bought it in the first place, so cheers Boots.

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