Ha, where do I start with my bad habits? We’ve all got them, I’ll admit most of mine are down to being lazy, or just down to being bad at being a girl. Hopefully somebody can relate to some of these so I don't look like such a flop.

Rarely washing my make-up brushes…
Nobody likes doing this right? I have so many brushes and washing them isn't something I enjoy, I'll put it off and off for weeks. I can't remember the last time I washed them if I'm honest. I hate scrubbing them, I hate trying to put them back into shape, I hate them shedding, I hate waiting for them to dry, I hate the make up that goes all over and the mess in the sink. I know this is really unhygienic and I envy anyone in a routine of doing a wash every two weeks or so.

Biting my nails…Another one I know some people find gross, but with my raging anxiety I can't help but nibble away at my nails. I went through a phase of getting acrylics on every three weeks but it's just so expensive to maintain and actually caused a lot of discomfort. I do try not to bite them and I even use treatments to help them grow and strengthen, but my nerves or boredom sometimes get the better of me. 

Rarely exfoliating my body…
I find it hard to believe that anyone actually does this every week, it's such a chore and I honestly hate the feeling of it. My skin is really sensitive so exfoliating my body is a nightmare, it gets really irritated and feels sore and generally uncomfortable, I'd rather just lather on a load of moisturiser. I don't care how many 'dead skin cells' there are on my knees, I don't have that kind of energy in me, twice a year will do right?

Never using heat protection on my hair… 
After years of bleaching, dying, heat, styling etc, I still don't use heat protection. I mean, I have it, but I just don't use it. I know it's bad, I know my hair is dying, I know the ends will snap off, I can see it happening, but I just can't be bothered with another step in the morning. And to be honest it's just another thing to buy every other week, and I want my money for make up.

Only fake tanning certain parts of my body at certain times… 
For example, I just got a new pair of shoes that show my feet, so I've started just doing my feet and legs. I am a jigsaw of white and orange.

What are your bad beauty habits?

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