I think we all know by now and from my recent drugstore post that I'm not a fan of drugstore make-up, but the only exception to that is Soap and Glory, which is still one of the more expensive brands in the drugstore, but it's still half the price of my usual products. Some of my favourite items come from the brand, the One Heck Of A Blot primer is up their with my Hourglass primer! It performs like such a luxury product, I also love the Supercat Liner, it's the perfect jet black thin nibbed pen for perfecting eyeliner flicks. I just generally enjoy the whole brand, I love their bath and shower products equally as much, the smells are orgasmic. 

One product that's really hyped up but yet I've never tried (until now,) is the Solar Powder bronzer, priced at £11.00. I've lost count of the amount of times I've heard people rave about this, it's always in bloggers top picks from the brand and I know Lily Pebbles loves it, and I trust her completely. I'm actually really glad I waited to get this because they recently changed the packaging, got rid of the cardboard and made it completely plastic, it looks and feels a lot more high quality. When I first swatched this, I thought, 'oh wow this looks like a great contour shade,' it appeared very light and coolish, but when it came to dipping the brush in and putting it on my face, wew. This definitley isn't a contour shade for pale skin, it's very much 'sunkissed,' and certainly more for general bronzing, which to be fair, is what the product says it's for. I like that this isn't shimmery, it's pretty much matte, and most bronzing bronzers such as my Nars Laguna have that tinge of sparkle that can emphasize the fact your tan aint' real. Over all it gives a very healthy glow, it's one I'll probably only be wearing in Summer, but I'm really impressed at the versatility of this, in a way that it's a 'one shade only,' product but yet still works for my skin tone.

I also picked up one of the new Sexy Mother Pucker lipsticks, they've recently brought out a few new shades in different finishes, and of course, I got a matte finish and a nude shade named "Super Nude." What else? I literally cannot remember the last time I used a drugstore lipstick, I've been using MAC for years and years now, so buying this was quite a breakthrough for me.

And this is why I love Soap and Glory, they really offer high end quality products. (The actual bullet it's self also smells amazing (for a lipstick,) but it is S&G so I wouldn't expect any less.) You can find the new nude lipstick collection priced at only £9.00! 
The lipsticks are described as "Creamy, conditioning and ultra-smooth – with hydra-boosting Moisture-rap™ technology – they glide easily onto your lips and stay firmly in place as you go a-pout your day."
I can't fault the description really, for a matte lipstick this has amazing moisture, better than that of certain MAC lipsticks I own, I can wear this for much longer and much more comfortably. Admittedly they aren't as super matte, but matte enough.

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