There's a new hype in town, it's all about the Morphe. Surprise surprise, I'm delayed jumping on the bandwagon again, but since I've heard such mixed reviews about the palettes, and to be fair, I have enough, I got my hands on some eye brushes instead. The last eye brushes I purchased were from Zoeva, they were great at first but I've found over time they've become harsher and harsher, they really all need replacing, so at least I've made a start.

I picked up two eye brushes, the M330 and M505, both of which were around the £4 mark. To be honest, for four pounds I wasn't expecting much, but I was very wrong.
These brushes are without a doubt the softest, silkiest and most gentle brushes in my entire collection, I like them better than my MAC brushes, my NARS brushes and my Zoeva. They may feel and sound a little cheap, but they perform like a dream, there's just the right amount of fluffyness.

Both brushes are the perfect size for getting into the crease of your eye or blending in the outer corners, I find that sometimes my MAC 217 is a little wide for detail, but these having tapered heads makes them so much easier to use. The M330 is exceptionally good at blending, particularly again in the creases, it's fluffy but still tapered to just the right size, and of course it's so gentle on the eyes. I find that I have really sensitive eyes but the bristles on these really are super gentle, they literally feel like silk, it's made doing my eye make up enjoyable again. Say goodbye to harsh lines and unblended shadows.

I'm so impressed with the quality of these brushes, and of course I'll be buying more very soon. I can confirm these are certainly worth the far anyway.

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