I say this every time I review an eyeshadow palette, but I really bloody love eyeshadow palettes and I can't resist a new release, especially when it looks this gorgeous. Like, how Instagram worthy is this? I knew it'd look great in blog photos before it was even delivered. A massive thank you to my fiancĂ© Callum for being a huge babe and buying me this! I've been so close to getting it from Sephora, but the extra £25 in taxes and shipping was a whole other story. I was so happy to see QVC finally had it, along with more Rainforest Of The Sea items, (review coming soon ;).) 

Say hello to the Tarte Tease Amazonian Clay Eye Palette. With a mix up of mattes and one shimmer, this palette puts a little twist on my normal taste. Still sticking along the lines of browns and beige's, but with more cool undertones than usual and a little hint of plum/purple. I paid £23.00 for this from QVC, although I don't think they have it in stock any longer! Sorry to tease you...

Whisper and Wink are two very light matte shades, good for a base, brow highlight or inner corner. Crush is the only shimmer but it's a gorgeous gold, underneath that we have First Kiss, which has a metallic finish, but isn't 'glittery' as such, but it's certainly not matte. Heartbreaker is 'the' brown, great for the crease and outer v, and finally there's Bff, the more plummy shade which compliments the gold and brown amazingly. As you may recognize from the swatches, some shades are more pigmented than others, the brown and gold being the most stand out- and of course you can barely see the light shades on my arm because I'm pretty much Casper. If I'm honest my swatches are pretty crap, but I wanted to just give a true idea of the colour pay off from one swipe of my finger, the swatches online are much more dramatic. The shades are so versatile, and this could without a doubt create subtle looks or really smokey eyes like I wear myself. I also really love that the shade names go along with the name of the palette, there's a sort of sexual vibe going on.

It's noticeable that the shimmer shades are much more velvety and soft, but they do leave a little bit of fall out, the matte shades are very much what you'd expect when the word 'clay,' is in the title, they are a little bit like chalk, but nice, soft chalk? But they do apply without fall out, which is amazing for the darker shades especially, although the dark shades can apply a teeny bit patchy if you're going all over lid, so build up is probably going to be necessary. I've always said Tarte are my second favourite for eyeshadow formula, Too Faced being first, because no matter the finish of the shade, they are all equally buttery and silky.

Now finally let's talk about this packaging, swoon or what? The whole theme is very fun and quirky, the gold plastic stage holding the eyeshadow pans gives it that extra luxurious touch and makes it extra umpfh. The outer cardboard is actually very sturdy and I love the geometric printing.

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