Hold up, I've got a new favourite lip product, again. Goodbye NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams, you served me well, I hope you enjoyed your time at the top of the pecking order, but there's a new number one in town, in the form of the Lime Crime Velvetines
I know a couple of years ago there was a little drama surrounding this brand, and it got it's self some really bad press- and for a while I was really put off, but when I discovered I could buy some of the products from Love-Makeup I was sold. The Velvetines are so hyped, for years people have went crazy for them on E-Bay and generally getting them from wherever, I'm really glad they are now available from a reliable source that sell authentic products. Personally, I think the brand and it's whole aesthetic is really appealing, I adore the packaging of every product, it's a real stand out and it just really satisfies me, everything from the fonts used to the colour schemes, it's just yum.

I picked up two shades to try out, Cashmere was first in my basket, and quickly. This is 'the,' shade everyone goes crazy over, it's always sold out and it's one of those the beauty gurus wear and everyone will ask what it is. Rightly so. Let me tell you, I have enough nudey/neutral liquid lipsticks to provide one for every woman in a village, but this is a complete stand out and by a mile my new favourite ever ever ever. I literally haven't had this off since it arrived, I am utterly obsessed with this beauty. The second shade was Buffy.

The texture of these isn't anything like my other liquid lipsticks, they really do feel more like velvet, and look like it too. They glide on the lips like a dream, the pigmentation is amazing so no layering is required, nor are they too runny or too thick. The best part? Not drying! I find most liquid lipsticks literally rip any hydration from my lips and leave them feeling so uncomfortable and chapped, but I can wear these for a good 6 hours before they start to feel that way, which can totally be prevented by applying a fresh coat, not that you'll really need it because these seem pretty much bullet proof. I swatched them upon arrival and then tried to scrub my hand with a sponge and soap, and I had to do some serious harsh rubbing to get it off. Despite that, some staining was still there and I then went in the shower and scrubbed again, finally it was completely off, so you're going to have to use make-up remover to remove this properly, in my case, Bioderma. 

I think it's fair to say I definitley need more shades of Velvetines, and I'm very tempted to buy a back up Cashmere...that's how much I love it. These frosted glass tubes of magic can be yours for £13.50. (I think that's a really good price too- I'd pay much more.)

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