I've rambled in past posts that I've always avoided base products from MAC, the whole "MAC foundations give you spots!" Thing still really scares me. Spots are up their with my worst fears next to spiders and moths, so anything to lessen the chance of getting any is something worth doing. And although I really try to avoid buying any of their products due to animal testing, sometimes I'm impulsive and just need to try hyped up products- so I recently made a couple of purchases. With my products (post soon,) was a sample of their Skin Base Visage, a product which I've never heard anything about, I didn't even know it was a thing actually. Let me start off by telling you how much I love Le Blanc De Chanel and how similar this is to it, and also significantly cheaper. 

MAC claim that Skin Base Visage will even skin tone, improve radiance and reduce redness. A statement so far proving to be true, this is a lightweight gel like base- unlike other gel formulas I've used, this isn't heavy or thick, it's very comfortable and airy on the skin and I still feel like my skin can breathe. It's white in it's consistency but becomes invisible once rubbed into the skin.
It makes my skin feel and look so much smoother, almost like silk, therefore my foundation applies flawlessly on top, heavy or light coverage.
If you have dull or dehydrated skin that needs a little umpfh, or maybe you just want some extra glow for the Summer, this is for you- this is most definitley illuminating. It gives a natural, healthy glow, nothing too obvious, I really love how this makes my complexion appear. 

Much to my pleasant surprise, it didn't effect my skin at all, there wasn't a family of blemishes waiting for me when I removed my make-up, if anything, it had really been working on my skin throughout the day, because when I did take it off, my tone looked much more evened out. I also have sensitive skin, but this product doesn't really have any fragrance to it so there was zero irritation too. 

I'm so happy I got to try this out, I think more brands need to send samples out with orders! I will certainly be picking up the full size of this next payday, which comes in such sleek black packaging (with a pump,!) and I genuinely can't wait. The full size is £21.00, and considering you only need such a small amount to cover your entire face, it's going to last quite a long time.

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