Colour correcting seems to be the new "thing," I always had a little issue with redness on my face, probably due to the fact I'm pale and have sensitive skin. 90% of the time it's really calm and I use face masks to get rid, but at "that time of the month" my redness can really bother me, and for whatever reason my foundation just won't really even it out or sit nicely, so I end up adding a lot of concealer which isn't ideal, it's too expensive for that.

YSL have recently expanded on their Touche Éclat, (you all know what that is, if not, you've lived under a rock for 5 years.) Say hello to three new members of the family, Touche Éclat Correctors- in shades green, violet and peach. Obviously I purchased the green correcting wand because green targets redness and also helps conceal blemishes, and this was my first ever colour correcting product, at £25.00 I was expecting good things.
I still don't understand colour correcting, why do we need to spend more money on 3 more shades of concealer? We don't. It's just another 'thing,' and I think it's completely unnecessary. Your primer, foundation and concealer cover imperfections, evens skin tone etc, and if they don't you need a new base combination. Once your make up is finished, nobody knows you've colour corrected under all of it, and you probably won't look any different.

Of course me being me I still wanted to try these just because they're a new launch from one of my favourite beauty brands- I applied my moisturiser and primer and then I added this green concealer to a few spots I had at the time on my chin, around the corners of my nose and a little on my rosy cheeks. I blended the product in just using my ring finger, and it did blend very nicely and looked natural, redness did completely disappear and it didn't make my foundation go on any differently in those areas. (However, I did go downstairs at this point and my dad thought I was really poorly because my face had a green tinge.)

So, yes it gets rid of redness and helps cover blemishes, and it applies nicely to the skin, but I still think colour correcting products are unnecessary, I can only really see this being really helpful in Summer when you maybe just want to wear a tinted moisturiser. 

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