I never thought I'd see the day that Lush products were a necessity in my daily routine. Having avoided the store for years because of my weirdly sensitive skin, I've now fallen in love with their skincare. There are three products in particular that I keep re purchasing, because I feel like my skin just can't function without them.

I've always been very picky with my exfoliators and for years I stuck to cream products such as the Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel, it was super gentle and had no harsh grains to make my skin red raw. Somehow, I've converted to the Lush Cup O'Coffee exfoliating mask- so much that I purchased the huge tub. It's the opposite to what I've usually always opted for, it's packed with harsh grains that really give a micro abrasion type of effect. It's also obviously a huge bonus it smells of coffee because I do love ma coffee.

To really freshen and wake up my skin when it's looking or feeling a bit crap I slather on Mask Of Magnaminty. This mask is a great all rounder, it really helps me when I get a blemish or my skins just misbehaving a little, especially around that time of the month. It smells so fresh and minty...obviously, and really cools down my face and makes me feel awake on a morning especially. If you're really suffering with break outs for non hormonal reasons, I really recommend this pot of magic.

Last but not least, my favourite toner. I have quite a collection of toners and I'm always on the hunt for new ones that will give me skin something the others don't.
I'm obsessed with the Tea Tree Water toner from Lush, again it's amazing for blemishes when I do get one or two but I use this purely because I am obsessed with Tea Tree's scent and it's benefits. I spray this on my face pretty much whenever I walk past it in my bedroom, it's especially good on a morning or when you're suffering with a cold or hangover- it's a really nice pick me up to freshen up you and your skin, the whole spritzing thing is super relaxing too.

Do you have any must haves from Lush? Or have you tried any of mine?

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