I love me some 3 for 2 shopping at Boots, (who doesn't?) it's such a good opportunity to try out new products and re-purchase regulars. You're getting your third product free, can't complain. (As well as racking up points, oooo more free things!) I say things, I currently stand with seven pounds worth of points on my card. Hair dye, anyone?

I re-purchased an oldie but a goodie from Doves hair therapy range, the Intensive Repair Leave In Conditioner. I use this pretty much everyday and the bottles almost empty now, but it's just such a good, easy quick fix and freshen up. To be honest my hair is pretty much dead, it's full of split ends, constantly hit with heat and hair dye, sorry, hair. I have extensions stuck into my hair too so I have a lot of it to take care of, but lets be real, most of the time I don't. When I buy something nice for my hair it probably jumps with joy and thinks it's Christmas. I didn't just buy it 1 leave in treat, but two. The second bottle of hair food I picked up was from Lee Stafford's new CoCo LoCo range. Unf this stuff is like sex for the hair, it smells so damn good and gives so much shine and hydration to my abused locks. If it doesn't actually do any good, at least my hair smells like a sweet shop in Ibiza, (even though the scent makes my neck really itchy.)

I should of been using heat protection a long time ago, especially when I'm paying £300 for hair extensions, I finally realized I needed some and went for the Elnett Volume Booster. I can get heat protection and some life in my hair in one product? Sold. I can't really look into the cells of my hair and tell you if this is doing any good at protecting my lengths from the 230 degree flat iron but I can tell you it definitley gives me hair an extra little umpfh, which it 110 percent needed. Not big on the smell of this stuff, reminds me of stale urine in public toilets, yum.

Also along the umpfh lines I wanted to try some of Batiste's new products, like every other female I rely on their dry shampoo heavily, so they couldn't really go wrong with anything else right? Wrong. I thought the XXL Volume Spray would be life changing but it's just not nice, (packaging, deceiving.) First of all, it leaves that cloud semen white powder all over my hair worse than the dry shampoo does...and my hair is black. And sorry but it feels like that too, it makes all my hair stick together in dry, tight waxy clumps. Yes, the clumps do make my hair fatter and therefore more 'voluminous' but it's the sort of thing you can't wait to wash out. Flat hair > sticky hair.

A product I bought and actually have nothing to complain about (not even writing this at my time of the month,) was the Dove Purely Pampering Nourishing Lotion with Shea Butter. I moisturize my body everyday after a bath and it still gets dry so I need a deep, mega hydrating cream and this did the job whilst also making me smell lovely. It was also a treat to my bank account not buying £20 moisturiser from Lush for a few weeks.

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