There's no task I put off quite like cleaning all 50 of my make up brushes, I hate the whole process and I always find bristles sticking all over afterwards so I avoid doing it as much as possible.
My usual method is buying a bar of soap and rubbing each brush in circles on the soap under warm water until it's went back to it's original colour.

Recently I have been trialing the BrushEgg* described as a help towards the 'deep cleaning process of makeup brushes. BrushEgg is compact, quick, easy, affordable and effective.
They come in three shades. Pantone 330 (pink) Pantone 337c (mint) and the new 'Rok Purple.'

The egg is designed very smartly, made from silicone it contains just the right amount of space to insert two fingers to support the brush washing 'deck' and feels comfortable whilst doing so. No more dark brown fingers from my eye brushes.
The small shapes at the top of the egg are designed for foaming and lathering, and the grooves are made for cleaning your brush of unwanted product without being too harsh.
These grooves reduce the need for brush cleanser, which can sometimes dry out the bristles. (Money saving too!)

For those of you that find brush cleaning a chore, this definitley eases and speeds up the process. It's also a much cheaper alternative to other brush cleaning products on the market right now.

You can buy a BrushEgg for yourself from the online shop.

*this post contains product sent to me for review*

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