I've said it ten times, I'll say it again, I'm addicted to skin care, I love it. I love looking after my skin and I pride myself in it's state, I'm very lazy with everything apart from looking after my skin, it's either all or nothing, but it's never nothing. When I wear make up, I wear a lot, so getting all of that product off my skin properly is vital (how people sleep in their make up is beyond me, yuck.)

The first step in my routine has always been a cleanser, for years I used Liz Earle, then Emma Hardie, now it's a mix of Oskia and Sunday Riley, i'm spending all of this money on expensive cleansers with such amazing ingredients and it just hit me recently that my skin probably wasn't getting half of the benefits from them it should be. Yes the cleansers are removing orange and black from my face, but my skin doesn't really come into contact with the product because of the sheer amount of primer and foundation on there.

So I've heard a lot of bloggers talking about the Garnier Micellar Water as their step 1 for removing make-up, but if you know me well you'll know that I have some sort of phobia of cheap skin care, I had bad experiences in the past and I read so many horror stories that I just don't want to risk damaging all my hard work. Like, don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with the Garnier water, I'm sure it's fabulous and works just as well, but I just have this underlying fear so I went with the expensive option of Bioderma, (£10.50.) It's still stocked in Boots but just the fact it's more of a luxury brand with a more high end price tag gives me some sort of security blanket. I've also heard Estee and Lily Pebbles talk about this a lot and I really trust both of their opinions.

I've been using this with cotton pads, I usually get away with soaking 2 in the water and it'll manage to do my face and heavy eye make up. It didn't at all irritate my really sensitive skin, there was no signs of redness, no burning sensation, it really was just like water on my face, but this is magic water.I also have quite dry skin, and this doesn't worsen my dehydration at all after use, if anything it just feels like my pores can breathe again.
I noticed straight away that unlike with my cleansing balms I wasn't rubbing really harshly on my eyes to remove all the dark eyeshadow, it seems I can just take a couple of swipes with this and everything's gone and not melting down my entire face. So already this was a huge bonus and enough reason to keep on using it. And unlike eye make up remover, it doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes either!

Me and my skin are happier, my make up is being removed extra well and then my skin is experiencing all these amazing ingredients in my cleansing balms properly! I've also noticed a reduction of black heads around my nose from clogged pores.


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