I was lucky enough to be gifted a Louboutin lip liner for Christmas, and my reaction when I opened it was pretty much 'oh my God no way it's so so gorgeous,' and flapping my arms around. From the black box, to the brand hanging from the lid, it's obvious there's been attention to detail, it's the appearance of this product that makes it so appealing, and the name that gives it such a hefty price tag. If you can't afford to splash out on a pair of seven hundred pound heels, the lipsticks are the next best thing. It's such a pleasure to own, it's something I would never buy for myself, so I'm grateful to have a best friend that knows me so well.

I mean, given the chance to design my perfect lip liner, it would probably look a lot like this, it screams luxury, the dark, modern design is totally up my street, a lip liner so sharp it looks like a weapon. My favourite features are the golden studs and huge black "heel" that's supposed to impersonate that of a pair of Loubs. (Maybe not too handbag friendly.) Not only is the packaging to die for, but it's clever too. The lip liner has a self sharpening feature in the lid, which means that after each use, there's no worries about it going blunt because the in-lid sharpener prepares it for the next use.

Despite it looking so edgy and gothic, inside is the perfect nude shade 'Maya.' It matches perfectly with so many of my matte MAC lipsticks such as Viva Glam II, and NARS matte lip pencil Bettina.
The staying power of the shade is pretty much bulletproof, and even after six hours of wear, the pigmentation remains and the creamy formula stays true to how it felt when applied. Not to mention that application is fool proof, the nib is the perfect shape and size, whether you want the Kylie Jenner look or something more natural.

At £27.00, it's far from cheap for a liner, I suppose you can justify it if you appreciate luxury brands and get joy from owning them, or maybe you're a fan of collectors items.

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