Three new products from Soap and Glory have been added to my bath time routine, I've slowly fallen in love with the brand,  probably due to the high count of rave reviews floating about on Bloglovin.

I haven't had a body exfoliator in so long, how naughty of me. Since adding Flake Away to my pamper stash, my legs have been feeling extra smooth. I use this twice a week after shaving and really like to scrub quite harshly to remove hair. I've also found this to be really helpful on scarring, I have some pretty nasty self harm scars and a good scrub of this is vastly improving their appearance and texture. The only downside, it seems to of lasted me five minutes, I've only been using it since Christmas and it's empty already. Maybe I have long legs...but I love to sit and stroke my legs after using Flake Away, in fact, I want everyone to come and stroke my legs.

Glad Hair Day is the superstar of the pack, this conditioner works miracles on my hair. I use way too much, but I do have very thick, very long hair (that's also not mine, and very very expensive,) so I need to look after it.
Glad Hair Day makes the lengths of my hair incredibly shiney, smooth and soft, something my hair hasn't felt like in a long time. Not many conditioners have an instant, dramatic effect on my hair but this has really impressed me, I've used it very quickly but it's definitely worthy of a re-purchase. (Oh and it smells gorgeous.)

Finally the last Soap and Glory bath time addition has been the Clean Girls body wash, which I've actually been using mostly as a bubble bath. I run a few pumps under the hot tap and it creates bubbles and a fabulous smell. I'm down for anything that adds some moisture to my water. Despite it being so scented, if I do wash with it, it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin, which is quite a break through. Unlike the other products, a little seems to be going a long way and it's a pretty hefty bottle, however I'm not impressed enough to re-purchase.

Let me know what Soap and Glory products you have in your bath time routine, or throw me some recommendations! 

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