If there's one smell I really adore, it's Tea Tree, so when I discovered The Body Shop did an entire range of Tea Tree based products I was sold. I can't usually use anything from TBS because of my overly sensitive skin, so to be honest just the whole experience of actually going into the store and buying something was great. The scent just really chills me out and makes my skin feel cool and refreshed, (sometimes a little too much around my eyes.)

My favourite from the bunch is the Skin Clearing Toner, I love toners to begin with but this is on a whole new level, I'm so obsessed with this, I just want to rub my face in it all day long. Which I suppose would be okay because there's a very generous amount of product in here. I squeeze a few drops onto a cotton pad and wipe it over my face in circular motions, it leaves my face really smooth and feeling deeply clean.

My second most loved is the Skin Clearing Clay Mask, I love a good clay mask and I ran out of my usual REN one a while ago so it's good to have one in my stash again. Clay masks are great for pores and really giving your skin a deep cleanse, this one feels like a really thick yogurt and sits on for face for 15-20 minutes to work it's magic. The Tea Tree scent is strong enough to cool your face down but not so strong it stings my eyes. But it's definitley the texture/consistency of this mask I love the most. Goodbye blackheads.

If you aren't one for clay masks, try the Pore Minimiser, this can be used as a primer or just a facial mask/treatment. I personally don't like it as a primer on its own, I like to apply this first and then something more hydrating. This product is a thin clear gel that spreads around your areas of concern and shrinks pore size- this would be a great primer if you have oily skin or just want something to treat blocked pores.

Last but not least, the Tea Tree Body Wash, which I am a little disappointed by. The consistency is very runny and thin meaning that this just doesn't seem to lather at all- it smells great but doesn't give the cooling effect like the rest of the products.

You can buy these four items for a total of £31.50, which I think is an absolute steal. 

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