An Ode To Eyeshadows From Too Faced

I have enough eyeshadow to last me and 10 other people the rest of their lives, but it never stops me buying more, some people hoard lipsticks and have 10 the same shade, I'm the same with eyeshadow, it's my ultimate beauty weakness and I cannot resist a good nude or warm palette, no matter how ridiculously priced. (Hourglass Modernist, you're next.) I've tried shadows from almost every high end brand but one brands formula in particular really stands out. Too Faced, you're a winner.

First of all, they offer every shade you could ask for within the wide range of palettes they sell, from a palette full of nudes, to bright 'pop colours. Both of which they do very well.
I've tried my fair share of both bright colours, nudes, darks etc, and I'm yet to find one single shadow that I don't love.

The formula of the shadows is incredibly buttery, smooth and they glide onto your eyelid like a dream. The pigmentation is as good as pigmentation could ever be, one swipe of any colour is enough. The creamy, buttery formula means they blend together seamlessly and due to them being quite thick in texture, they last all day long on the lids.
Drop down is pretty much a non-existent issue with Too Faced shadows, it's straight from brush to the eye.
If you thought the Naked palette shadows were soft and bouncy, you need to try out a Too Faced palette this Christmas. I have the "Natural Eyes" palette on my list which I'm expecting from my best friend, it's filled browns, golds and creams, which are generally the shades I use everyday for a smokey eye.

Let me know if you've tried any eyeshadows from Too Faced and what you thought- because clearly, I can't fault them!



  1. Too Faced shadows are some of my favourites, especially the Chocolate Bar palettes. They've really stepped up their game with shadows lately, and I'm very pleasantly surprised.

    brooke | brooke elise

    1. Ah yeah I love my Semi Sweet palette, smells insane too!

  2. I have never tried any of the Too Faced palettes before but I suddenly feel the need to own one now. They sound amazing

    Lauren x |

    1. Ah please get your hands on a palette- you'll love it Lauren!

  3. Replies
    1. Sadly last years Holiday collection so no longer available :(x


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