What's Playing #2

Following my first 'What's playing' post at the beginning of October, it's time for a new round up of the music I've been loving through October and into November (NOVEMBER! Eek)

1. Justin Bieber - Sorry

Hating Justin and his music is so 2012, he's releasing some great songs at the moment that are insanely catchy and lift my mood instantly. I loved Where R U Now and I love Sorry equally as much. I genuinely can't wait for his new album to be released, it looks insane, and so far, sounds insane too.

2. Pia Mia - Touch

She was once just known as Kylie Jenners friend that could sing but after the 'Do It Again' hit with Chris Brown she's totally risen up, I really got into her other music after listening to Do It Again over and over again. Touch is such an upbeat, dancey song but still with decent lyrics- it sounds similar to stuff from Ariana Grande.

3. Fetty Wap - Jugg

Not only is Trap Queen amazing, but I am loving Fetty Wap's entire album, Jugg just happens to be my favourite from the lot. And can anyone not love the way he says baby?! 17 38.

4. Tyga - Stimulated 

I'll admit this is probably my most played of the month, it's constantly on repeat. I'm pretty sure it's about Kylie Jenner which makes it even better, but there's just something about the introductory tune and dirty lyrics that has me hooked.

5. James Bay - Let It Go

No it's not a Frozen cover, I'm totally late to the James Bay hype but oh my god this song makes me weak, (likewise so does his face.) It's much more chilled out than anything else I've listened to recently.


  1. I am obsessed with Let It Go by James Bay - its such a beautiful relaxing song ahh!

    Lucy |

    1. I know! It's so unlike me but when I put his face to the song it made it x10 better haha x

  2. Sorry is so good! Can't help but love Justin Bieber ;)

    - brooke ::

    1. I'd say it's a guilty pleasure but I don't even think it's guilt, I just bloody love it!


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