I have it! That palette that everyone is talking about at the moment, the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit for holidays 2015, I was debating for so long if to get this or not because of the really small size and huge price tag, but it just looks so insanely gorgeous, If I missed out like I did with the blush palette last Christmas, I would of hated myself.
The palette set me back £65.00 and I purchased from Space.Nk, it came beautifully packaged in this very festive bag with a huge sparkly bow- which just made the whole 'unboxing' experience even more exciting.
When unboxing, I was expecting small but I was pretty shocked when it came to using it this morning when I realized the majority of my brushes are way too big to fit in the pans.

The palette includes 6 powders, 2 blushes, 1 of the new bronzers, and 3 powders:
1. Dim Light
2. Incandescent Light - (which I actually use a highlight.)
3. Diffused Light
4. Mood Exposure
5. Luminious Flush
6. Luminous Bronze (light.)

It's one of those products that I don't really want to use because it's just too pretty to spoil, but so far I'm really liking it- I love the luminosity from the bronzer and the Mood Exposure blush may be my new all time favourite, I've never had anything so purple'y before and it's just a really nice change, also pretty suitable for this time of year.
Diffused light I can use as an all over face powder because I'm so pale, I know some people use this as a subtle highlight but I think it just adds a little glow to my skin.

Is this limited edition beauty on your wishlist? Have you tried any of the powders included?


  1. This is actually beautiful - ahh so lucky you have it! Such a gorgeous palette!

    Lucy |

    1. I know! I just quit my job and spent the last of my pay on it hahaha x

  2. This is gorgeous! Think I might but for my next payday treat! xx

    Jessica Ann ♥

  3. This palette is gorgeous! Hourglass blushes break me out however :(.
    Shaguna and Kaylee

    1. Oh my! Never heard of that one before, what a shame :(


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