Chocolate Contouring

Okay, so, when I ordered this Debenhams totally sent me the wrong one, so I've ended up with Dark Chocolate Soleil instead of the light. (My mum actually has the original and I think it's too orange.)
I'm trying to make it work...just because it smells good. 
So I am writing this review based on both the dark and the original. Unfortunately, neither have particularly lived up to the hype. 

It is a very matte bronze, so ideal for contouring, just not if you're anywhere from BR10 to BR30 in foundation. 
It's incredibly pigmented and even after tapping excess off my brush I find that still too much is applied, I also found the texture to be quite thick and creamy making it harder than usual to blend out when too much is applied. 

Ideally for my super pale skin, I need a bronzer with a cool hue and unfortunately this has super warm undertones which make me look like I'm caked in bad fake tan.
On the plus side, the packaging is super gorgeous, it comes with a really decent sized mirror and a lot of product. I don't know if it's just me and my minimalist monochrome ways, but I think it does look a little cheap and tacky...which, it isn't. Obviously the stand out feature of this product is that it really does smell like chocolate, and I can smell it on my face all day long.


  1. Thats a shame it has a warm undertone...not ideal for contouring!

  2. I think that the packaging looks very tacky too but I love both of them but much prefer the darker one for my complexion!xx

    1. I think I'm too much of a sucker for NARS packaging that anything else just doesn't please me hah x

  3. Shame it doesn't live up to expectations - the packaging looks lovely however!

    Lucy |

    1. Nothing worse than hyped up products turning out to be not so great :(

  4. Which contouring kit do you usually use for your skin tone? I´m struggeling to find a good product :/

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

  5. I have really pale skin myself, so I doubt this would be for me either

    Lauren x |


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