The Brow Product Everyone's Talking About

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past year, you'll know about the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz. 
As much as I love my Dipbrow Pomade, I've been wanting to try something that looks more 'natural' recently and my NARS Brow Perfecter is too light for me, so I finally joined the bandwagon and purchased Brow Wiz from BeautyBay. I got the shade Ebony the same as my Pomade because I have black hair (well, 90% black at the moment.)

I've never been a fan of brow pencils, I've always been a brush and wax kind of person, but Brow Wiz has changed everything!
This product is totally worth the hype surrounding it, delivering a quick and easy way to create a natural looking brow, both thick and bushy or really fine and pointed.
Not only does it have an amazing crayon, but it's also equipped with a fat spoolie which is the perfect shape and size for combing your natural brows into your desired position- it's also great for blending product into your brows.
I love that I don't have to apply any pressure at all for the crayons colour to appear on my brows, just the softest touch is needed, which means the crayons going to last a lot longer because I'm not pushing down so much product.

As long as you have your correct shade, you seriously cannot do no wrong with this, it's totally fool proof and it won't be smudging through the day!

You can buy Brow Wiz from BeautyBay in the UK for £15.50.


  1. i have the ABH Dipbrow Pomade but i really want to try the Brow Wiz:-)xx

    1. It's a great alternative when you need a quick fix!x

  2. I need to get my hands on some of the Anastasia brow products!
    Coleoftheball xx

  3. I have never tried this but it sounds sooo good

    Lauren x |

    1. It is honestly, get your paws on it you'll love it

  4. I really want to try Brow Wiz I've heard amazing things - lovely post Courtney!

    Lucy |


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