An Autumn Lip I Can Actually Get Away With

If you have really dark hair and pale skin like myself, you'll know the struggle of trying to rock a dark lip without looking like you're going to work in Doc Black and paint the word Rawr on your hand.
I love dark lipsticks and sometimes I really wish I had light hair so I could buy the hundreds I love, some people can get away with dark hair and dark lips and not look really gothy, I envy all those people because I'm certainly not one of them.
When it comes to Autumn and I'm seeing all of these plummy dark lips coming out it really gets me searching for a darker combination for my lips that looks Autumnal but doesn't totally wash me out at the same time. (A very hard task.)

To do this impossible task I've settled for a combination of Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Shine  in shade 2, 'Pourpre Intouchable' (£26.00) and it's currently sold out on the YSL website. Paired with the Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie lipliner in the shade Electrified
The lipstick is a 'pinky plummy purpley berry' shade with cool undertones, what makes this look less dark and gothic on me is that it's extremely glossy, the gloss stays put for a long period of time and even when it fades a plummy stain is left on my lips until I top up.
The high shine of the lipstick also gives a little more of a feminine edge to an all dark outfit, whilst also making a bold statement. 


  1. Love this combo, I have light hair and fair skin so I struggle with really deep shades, Rebel by MAC is as dark as I'll go. I find deep browns more wearable than berry/ reds

    1. I recently bought a deep brown and it just looks black on me :-( glad someone else knows the struggle x

  2. This combo looks gorgeous! I totally agree with you when it comes to picking up shades and it looking almost black on your lips against pale skin. x

    Jordan | Keep Dreaming

  3. This looks gorgeous. I'm so boring when it comes to lip shades, I always tend to stick with the same nude lipsticks! x

    Jordan Alice

  4. This is such a gorgeous colour lipstick! I'm really pale as well and also struggle to find darker shades that suit me, but this looks so nice!

    1. I know i'm obsessed with it, just hurts to use it too much because of the price :-(x

  5. Perfect colors for autumn/winter! I bet they look gorgeous in action.


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