A Must Have Cream For Sensitive Skin

I used to be a huge Lush fan, but when I horribly discovered I have very sensitive skin both on my face and body, I cowered away from the brand for years completely- literally just walking past the shop would make me itch! All the scents got my skin crawling.
As I mentioned in my previous Lush haul post, I picked up a load of face masks which I have been absolutely loving, alongside this 'Dream Cream.'
You can't usually turn me away from my usual Palmers body moisturiser, but this has pleasantly surprised me.

The first 'good sign' was that the scent was barely noticeable, which isn't like Lush at all, (which is probably why I enjoy it so much.)
The cream is very thin and water like, so it spreads out pretty nicely and really cools and leaves my skin feeling fresh and soft. The whole thing just reminds me of a yogurt, the colour, smell and texture.
Both my face and body are loving this cream- although it's not quite moisturizing enough for my face in Winter when it starts to get dry because it does absorb very quickly and leaves nothing behind on the skin like my more intense moisturisers.
If I have any irritated parts of skin, I lather a generous layer of this on and my skin is restored back to it's usual self.

I expected irritation and problems using this cream, but it's been a good 2 weeks and so far, so good, it's all clear and it's giving me results I never expected from the shop that once made me shiver. (Maybe it's just the bath bombs...)


  1. This sounds lovely - something to add to my list for when I next pop into Lush!

    Lucy |

    1. definitley worth it, i'll be going back for the big tub x

  2. Dream Cream is one of my favourite body lotions in winter - I need to pick up a pot soon! Lovely review :) xx


    1. I just picked up another pot put it's twice the size so I'm happy!x


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