Skinny Dip Haul

Skinny Dip are a really cute, independent graphic company based in London that sell a range of quirky phone cases as well as other tech. I recently had a haul online and picked up a few bits that I wouldn't even usually consider buying. You may of found some of their items in larger Topshop stores, but the variety online is much better.

I had a Marc Jacobs phone case on my iPhone 5s for such a long time that it was starting to scratch away, so the first thing I looked at was the amazing range of phone cases, I honestly could of bought 1 of each design because I think they're all really cool and fun.  I ended up going for this black cat design with googly eyes, I like that it's clear and you can still see the gold of my phone and I like that it's fun and childish but still very monochrome, and I think that sums me up perfectly. The case came with a screen protector and cleaning cloth and this case cost me £12.00.

I honestly have no idea how people go through so many iPhone chargers, I see people breaking them and replacing every week and yet I've had mine for two years at Christmas and it's still perfectly fine- but never the less I saw this charger on the website and bought this too, it's again really fun and quirky but still black and white, and I love the gold accents. I love that it's made of rope unlike the original iPhone chargers, it makes it much less flimsy and less likely to get extremely mucky. I think this cable was £16.00. It also matches well with my case.

The third item I added to my online basket was a pair of headphones, I've never ever owned a proper pair of headphones and I always just use the earphones that come with my phone- but I've started really getting into my music lately and really enjoying it super loud with really good bass and these do the job perfectly. They are super comfy and flexible, deliver great sound, especially songs with good bass, and they're the best looking headphones I've seen. I chose the faux white leather headphones with the golden accents, which again matches great with my other items. These were the most expensive item at £25.00.

Last but not at all least, this really pretty portable phone charger. I've wanted one of these for so long and it's been such a handy purchase that I couldn't live without now. It's been great for use at work, or when I go out shopping all day, my phone battery seems to disappear within 2 hours and this holds a full charge so I don't have to be anxious about running out of juice all day. It's a small and light silver sparkly tube that's a lot smaller than I imagined, it can be charged via your computer/laptop using a USB port, and the cable is extremely chunky so there's no worry about it developing turtle neck syndrome. This charger was £20.00.

I've found it enjoyable and refreshing to write up a post that isn't a beauty review- let me know if you like this and there will be more lifestyleish posts coming your way.


  1. I have seen so many Skinny Dip phone cases. I have been on their website so many times but haven't ordered because I couldn't make up my mind! This post has just prompted me to make an order! I love the portable charge i have a plain boring back one at the moment! -xo

    1. Hahaha I did exactly this! It was still hard to decide!x

  2. I've had my eye on the skinny dip phone cases for so long, and just recently got round to ordering one! Great post x


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