Eyes That Mesmerise?

New in from Charlotte Tilbury are the range of 'Eyes To Mesmerise' cream shadows (£22.00.) 
The colour range isn't great but the shades that are available are all extremely pretty.

Having loved By Terry Ombre Blackstars and your average powder eye-shadow, cream shadow was something I'd wanted to try out for a long time.
I saw this pot of golden cream as an easy way around doing my eye make-up as quick as possible before going to work- and I was very right to think so.
Having not used any other cream shadow pots, I can't compare any other brands, but after trying this I know I'll be testing out some more such as the Tom Ford or Chanel creams.

First of all, the texture of this product is dreamy, although it looks very thick, it doesn't feel heavy on  my lids and blends effortlessly.
In my inner corners and outer, I apply a thicker layer- which enables the colour build up to become  even heavier, therefore making these areas stand out more.
I apply a thick amount across my lid and blend with either my finger or a brush like MAC 217 up to the brow bone, where the cream becomes extremely light but still gives a pretty, subtle shimmer. (A little goes a long way.) It's also very comfortable and easy to apply under my bottom water line.
It takes approximately 5 minutes to create a dramatic, gorgeous eye look  that looks like it took 20 minutes.

I was thinking that the shadow may feel sticky and crease a lot because of it's texture and consistency, but once it's been allowed to dry for a couple of minutes, it's set in place for the whole day and doesn't budge- however, I do think that I've noticed the pigmentation seems to die down after a few hours, and it's left looking duller than it did at application point in the morning. (However the pigmentation is still amazing.)

Last of all, the packaging of this cream is super luxurious, I love the gold embossed text and the frosted glass tub, making it feel and look like a luxury item. £22 is a lot of money for just one colour of eye-shadow, but this is such a versatile, easy, and lovely product that's such a pleasure  to use that I don't doubt I'll be building up the whole collection of shades to play with.


  1. It looks so pretty, I need to own something from Charlotte Tilbury x

    Lucy |

    1. I only have this and an eye shadow palette from CT, but so far all impressions are good!x

  2. Oh my goodness, this looks gorgeous! I've yet to be disappointed by Charlotte Tilbury products :) xx



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