Third Base

If you have a high end budget and are looking for a beautiful finish for dryer skin or normal skin types then look no further. The Givenchy Photo Perfexion Foundation (£31.00,) has been reviewed previously, providing a soft, glowing and flawless finish. This Yves Saint Laurent primer is a new launch as an extension of the Touché Éclat range. 
These two products work together like a dream, the blur primer gives you a soft, silky base perfect for this medium coverage foundation to sit on top of. The primer feels lovely on the skin, and very hydrating. The foundation is also Givenchy's most hydrating base. 

The primer feels very gel like, pretty much the exact same as the Smashbox Photo Finish primer but this YSL option makes my face appear a lot more glowy, which I'm guessing is from the golden pieces in the bottle, (which you don't get on your face.) 
2/3 pumps of each product usually covers my entire face, some days I just apply primer around more pore' areas like my nose. 
In the end, the two don't feel ultra light weight on my face which I do love in a product, but they give me a healthy glow on days I need a little more coverage than I would get from my tinted moisturiser. 

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