A Luxury Product That's Worth The Luxury Price

First of all, sorry for my absence! My follower count hasn't budged for a long time and it's super un-motivating, I've also started a job which means I have 1/4 of the time I used to.
 I thought I'd "return" by raving about a holy grail product of mine, the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer, £52.00+, so we're really talking luxury brands here- it really is a lot of money for a bottle of white fluid that isn't even evident on your face, you really have to be bothered by the finish of your make up to buy this, because it's the results you're paying for, (probably partly the brand name to.) 

I've had Smashbox primers, YSL primers, but nothing quite does the job as well as this does. Although I am after the new Tom Ford primer, I imagine it's very similar to this- the price tag certainly is.
 Everything shouts luxury with this, from the glass bottle to the golden toned boxed packaging. If you want smooth, flawless make up, you need this. 
One or two pumps covers my face after moisturising, it's an extremely thin, lightweight white liquid which turns clear once applied. It fills in pores, and most importantly creates a barrier between your skin and all the make up you apply. 

After using this, I wouldn't go back to any cheaper primer. I've had my bottle since Christmas and it's just hit half empty, which is heart breaking. It gives such an airbrush finish to my make up so it's totally worth it. When it comes to removing my make up, the skin benefits of this really show off. My skin is left evenly toned, smooth, and pore free. Of course as well as all of this, it does the basic job of a primer, which is to keep your make up in place for longer. Another benefit is that it provides an SPF, which is important and great for your skin. There's also no scent, which I know some people love in a product, but personally it wouldn't change my opinion if It did have a scent. 


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