Updated MAC Lipstick Collection

My MAC lipstick family was one of my first ever posts on Lipstick Full Of Optimism, today marks my blogs 5 month birthday so I thought I'd throw it back and revisit some old posts and improve on them. I personally love lipstick collection posts, I always see another bullet I want to buy and it saves me going out and swatching all over my hand.
I only have seven in total, but they aren't my favourite brand of lipstick compared with my YSL shades and my new found love for the NARS Audacious lipsticks, MAC lipsticks are justifiable because they're only £15 compared with the £25 I pay otherwise.

 I find myself using the same ones over and over again, and there's one I have completely neglected (Please Me.) My collection is made up of satin finishes and mattes, I do prefer satin bullets because I find that the MAC matte lipsticks are incredibly drying and become uncomfortable to wear. Satin also has that little sheen to it that helps to make my lips look fuller.

The Mattes (£15.50)

Please Me- A soft, but dark undertoned baby pink, with amazing staying power but ultimate dry-up-your-lips-power, too. A lovely powdery pink that fits my pale skin perfectly. A very subtle but pretty shade.

Ruby Woo- Part of the retro matte collection, this is the red everyone has. It's my perfect shade of red, it's not too dark or too orange, it compliments my pale skin pretty well and the staying power is great, but yet again, dries up your lips after a couple of hours immensely. A statement bright red that compliments a cat eye look.

Taupe- My new favourite, so easy to wear, versatile to match any make-up look. It's a very dark nude beige with cool undertones. I don't find it to be as drying as Ruby Woo.

The Satin Finish (£15.50)

Viva Glam II- A perfect light nude with cool undertones, non drying and amazing staying power. Paired with a nude lipliner, this gives a Kylie Jenner look. A very soft, subtle colour but extremely easy to wear without making me look washed out.

Myth- This is a weird one, it's a colour that's very similar to my actual skin colour, but a little more orange tinged. Dependent upon what make up I'm wearing, it can make me look very washed out, pretty much dead. I pair this with a very light, almost invisible lipliner. It's not drying at all, and yet again staying power is a 10/10. It would look a lot better on the more darker skinned of us, maybe around NC30-40, (I'm 10.)

Twig & Armorous- The reason I put these two together is because they are very similar on the lips, I bought them at the same time and the swatches on my hand in store looked different, but now it's come to wearing them and I can't tell which of the two I have on. On swatches below they are next to one another, they both look plummy, but Twig has more of a brown tinge to it, and Armorous has a tiny little red/pink. I wouldn't say either of them are nudes, but they aren't obvious vibrant pinks or reds. Armorous looks very plum when on my lips, and twig looks like a red version of Velvet Teddy.

Swatches, left to right.Ruby Woo, Taupe, Viva Glam II, Myth, Twig, Armorous, Please Me.

If I buy another MAC lipstick, I'll be searching for more nudes, preferably a soft brown.
Any recommendations please do comment.


  1. Such a lovely collection! I need to add Taupe and Ruby Woo to mine! xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

    1. They're my 2 favourites funnily enough! Hope you like them x

  2. aaww, so many !!! :D I love mac lipstick, I´m loking at myth at the moment :) xx

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

    1. hope you can pull it off better than me! haha x


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