Make Up Tricks

There's loads of hints and tips out there to help you out with your make-up, I've tried and tested a few and here's what works when I want to achieve perfection.

Fixing that fake lash issue- It took me a long time to master applying fake lashes, I tried the tweezer thing and I still wasn't 100%, until I learnt about cutting the strip in half. It's honestly fool proof. Cut your strip lash in half with some sisscors, apply the inner corner lashes first with tweezers, and then the outer lashes. It makes the entire process a lot more less stressful and a lot easier.

Using sticky tape to achieve a sharp eyeshadow finish- It's not as painful as it sounds. If you're opting for a dramatic, heavy, smokey eye or night time look, start with your eyeshadow. Place some sticky tape up in a diagonal line from the bottom of your eye to the tail of your eyebrow. The result is a super sharp finish on your eyeshadow, that drag inspired look. It also reduces the amount of drop down on your face!

A better contour- When contouring your cheekbones, make the section nearest to your ear dark, and gradually lighten the intensity down your face, an ombre effect almost. Don't have it all one shade of brown.

Bigger lips? - Highlight your cupids bow. That little space and dip above your top lip, it'll instantly make your lips look fuller.

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