Second Best

I've previously talked about my holy grail status base, but I have a few more in my collection and these two products together fall second place.

To make this base I first of all moisturize my skin, then after that's settled in I go in with the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer (£25.00,) this is a product I have just recently fell back in love with, after using my Hourglass for so long, this got pushed to the side.
It's less than half the price of my Hourglass primer (£52.00,) and does a pretty great job despite that. This smashbox primer feels a lot like a gel, it's quite thick and feels quite heavy when first applied, but once the product soaks right into your skin, you're left feeling soft and smooth. It has no scent or any colour, which I know is a huge bonus for some people. (Personally I do like a bit of a scent.) 
I've found that some foundations work better with this primer than others, and it's best partner for me is the Yves Saint Laurent Le Teint Touche Éclat Foundation, (£31.50.) This foundation glides on over the primer like silk, it blends quick and easy and provides a light to medium coverage. A little will go a long way and this foundation also has a discreet but lovely scent to it, which doesn't irritate my skin.

Over all this combination leaves me looking very glowy, fresh and youthful. There's not a huge need for concealer after, but I do often use a finishing powder if the weathers quite hot and I feel like I might get sweaty.


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